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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Locksmith Information |

What To Do When The Car Ignition Won’t Turn

What To Do When The Car Ignition Won’t Turn

The car ignition not turning is more common than you may think but it can be so frustrating and time consuming. Besides twisting the car key in all direction, it still does not budge even an inch. In most of the cases, the car ignition is not the problem; there are several possible causes why the ignition key sometimes fails to turn, some are dependent on the car model or the situation you are in. Fortunately, thanks to the guys over at Beverly Hills Locksmith, there are certain approaches that you can take when the car ignition will not turn, before considering to call a locksmith or mechanic to assist you.

Some of the main reasons why the car ignition fails to turn are:

  • The ignition lock cylinder is worn out

Ignition cylinderIn order to start the engine, a key should be inserted in the ignition lock cylinder. The ignition lock cylinder is an essential security device which prevents the car from being started without the key. The ignition lock cylinder also acts as a switch to turn off and on the engine, lights and interior functions. The ignition lock cylinder is made of tumblers and pins which ensure that only the right key starts the engine and if the tumblers are worn out, the ignition lock cylinder will not turn even when the correct key is used.

  • The battery is dead

If the car battery is dead, then the key will remain stuck and fail to turn

  • There are some lose cables

A lose cable either behind the ignition or inside the dashboard will also make the car ignition not to turn.

  • The car is not in park

Even if the gearshift lever is in pack, the car shift lock solenoid or another related mechanism may be faulty.

Here are some simple checks that you can perform before considering to call a mechanic:

Check the position of the key

Check to ensure the key in the ignition switch is in the correct position. As the ignition lock cylinder ages, it gets easy to turn to the wrong position which happens especially if the car key is attached to other heavy objects. This puts pressure on the cylinder promoting excessive wear.

Move the steering wheel

Move Steering WheelTry and gently move the steering wheel back and forth while trying to remove the key from the lock position gently. Sometimes the steering wheel locks making the ignition switch to keep the key locked until the steering wheel is unlocked. Remember not to use excessive force when removing the key, focus more on unlocking the steering wheel.

Check the car battery

A dead battery will prevent you from turning the key since the key chip cannot be identified by the car’s theft deterrent system. If the dashboard did not light up when the key was on, then the car battery could be dead.

Test the parking position

The shifter should always be in park to be able to remove the key. If you are still able to move the gearshift lever out of part when the car is off, then the linkage maybe worn out making the car ignition not to turn.

If the above checks do not work in making the key turn, you should contact a mechanic for thorough inspection.