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Posted by on Aug 8, 2015 in Locks And Keys |

What is Refinishing Hardwood Floors All About?



If you want to add value to your home, or you have notice that your floors have lost some of their beauty, maybe it is a good time for you to consider refinishing your hardwood floors. The refinished floors, will give your home a polished look, and each will be a nicer place to live.  This project doesn’t even require a lot of money, but it does require a bit of know-how and some patience.

The end result will probably be worth it, whether you do it to sell your home, or for your family, a refinished hardwood floors will make your house look like a home.

1. Getting To Know Your Sanding Machines

trattamento_cotto If you are going to refinish your hardwood floors, you are going to have to use sending machines and sandpaper.  It is important that you take time to get familiar with the machines you are going to use, and choose quality sandpaper for this project.  Also, you should get familiar with the types of sandpaper you are going to use, as different types are used at different stages of the sanding process.

2. Preparing The Room Beforehand

Before you began to refinish your hardwood floors you will have to prepare the room or rooms for this project.  This means protecting your furniture, walls and doors with plastics, or even removing your doors enough order to approach the floor in the best possible way.

3. Vacuuming, Scooping and Mopping (And Then Mopping Some More)

Refinishing hardwood floors will require several stages of sanding and vacuuming and cleaning the floor.  You will have to clean the four patiently from all the remaining particles from the previous sanding stage, as this will affect that the results of your project.  Make sure and that you clean the floors before going to the next stage of sanding your hardwood floors.


4. Applying Coat, After Coat, After Coat (And Mopping In Between)

Even though you might think that once you finish with all the sanding you will be done, you are hardwood floors will require a little bit more off your attention.  You will have to coat your floors with the proper coats, and in case you want for your floors to change color you will have to apply paint too.  Just like with sanding and vacuuming, this process of applying different coats takes time, and you will have to learn to be patient and to wait for each coat to dry.  Furthermore, you will have to wait for your floors to be completely dry before putting back your furniture in place.  Also, it is of utmost importance that your floors are completely clean, and that no particles or bubbles ruin your efforts of refinishing your hardwood floors in a professional-like manner.