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Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Home Security |

Types Of Home Door Locks – So Many Choices

When looking to purchase door locks for your home or business, the number of options can be quite overwhelming. This is mainly due to the sheer number of locks available and the different security features specific to the different types of lock systems. The following is an overview of the different types of home door locks from which you can make your selection

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deadbolt lock goldDeadbolts are another popular option when it comes to the different types of home door locks. The name deadbolt basically refers to the mode of operation of this type of lock as it has no spring and basically makes use of the key turning force to latch and unlatch. Deadbolts are generally divided into single-cylinder and double-cylinder locks. A single-cylinder deadbolt uses a key on one side and a hand tuned knob on the adjacent side while a double cylinder door knob uses a key on each side

Knob Locks

deluxe-idea-door-lock-knobAs the name suggests, knob locks are basically made up of a knob with a lock cylinder and key system. Knob locks are a fairly common when it comes to home door locks. However, they should be strictly used for internal doors. The reason behind this is that, the lock cylinder is located within the knob and by simply breaking off the knob, the lock mechanism is destroyed. As such, they should not be used for external doors

Lever Handle Locks

lever handle lockLever handle locks are another popular alternative when it comes to door locks for homes and businesses. They basically consist of a key hole and a large push down lever handle for opening the door. They offer a reasonable amount of security when compared to knob locks as the lock cylinder is internally built

Mortise Lock

Mortise locks also known as rim locks derive their name from the mortises or pockets cut into the door for their installation. Mortise locks make use of a cam to actuate the locking mechanism and the mode of operation of the lock mechanism is quite similar to that of the deadbolt

DIN Cylinders

Din cylinder also known as euro profile cylinder is also a viable alternative when it comes to types of home door locks. Popular in European countries, the DIN cylinder lock system can be divided into 3 groups. A single cylinder one sided system, a double cylinder system which has locking cylinders on both sides and single cylinder thumb-turn system which has a locking cylinder on one of its sides and a thumb-turn on the other side

Interchangeable Core Cylinder Lock Systems

This is another common type of lock system that can be used within a home setting. Also known as IC cylinder locks, they are known for their ability to re-key the lock by simply replacing the cylinder core without dismantling the lock. IC cylinder lock systems usually come with 2 keys, one a standard operator key that locks and unlocks the door during normal operation and a control key that allows for the removal and replacement of the lock cylinder

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

This lock system is surface mounted and is very common when it comes to the most popular types of home door locks. Surface mount basically means that the lock system is basically screwed onto the door as opposed to having it mounted within the structure of the door.

Rim Latch Locks

Rim latch locks have a custom or standard rim cylinder on one side and a surface-mount latch lock system on the other side. As such, rim latch lock systems can auto-lock a door when it’s closed and are a huge favorite in many apartment complexes

Keyless Lock Systems

Keyless door systems are electronic in nature and basically make use of a keypad system to unlock a door. Many systems of this kind also have an alarm system as part of their design