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Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Locksmith Information |

The Difference Between Rekeying And Changing Your Locks

The Difference Between Rekeying And Changing Your Locks

Home security is one of greatest concern for every homeowner. Indeed, you need your family to stay safe at all times; you need your property or valuables to be kept in a good condition and safely, and so on. As a matter of fact, the above objective can only be achieved if your home is well protected by powerful locks. Now that some of the state-of-the heart locks secure your house/home, there comes a time when these devices fail to offer its esteemed service(s) efficiently and effectively. Well, there are various reasons as to why locks become defective; failure for the key to open the lock is of course one of the most common problems in security locks. Equally, there are several reasons as to why you may need to change your lock(s), which include stalking issues, lost keys, you have just moved into a new home or apartment, your roommate has just moved out, your employee who had a spare key has just been shown the door, and many more….the list is just endless.

Ideally, when locking system fails, you have to look for quick solutions; otherwise, you will be locked outside or your properties face the risk of being vandalized. There are two common ways of fixing such a kind of problem: changing the entire looking system or re-keying the lock. Now the question is: what is the difference between rekeying and changing a lock? For more information, visit the best local locksmiths in Burbank at


Rekeying a Lock


new locksPrimarily, the difference in the above two terms becomes quite clear by analyzing the conditions under which each option is more viable. When your esteemed locksmith re-keys your lock, he/she simply does that by making another set of new keys for the same lock you had in your home. After doing that, he/she proceed to reset the entire lock mechanism so that it can work perfectly with the new key instead of any other key. As a matter of fact, when you move in or purchase another new home, you need to secure your properties by rekeying the locking system. This is because, the former users of your new home might be having many other duplicate keys, and if they are persons of ill-fated characters, they might be tempted to check into your home when you are away.

Another situation that will require you to opt for re-keying instead of changing the entire hardware looking mechanism is when you have lost your keys or you are in possession of worn out keys that need immediate replacement. In this case, your locksmith will have the task of creating new keys for you that will be used to operate the same locking mechanism. Similarly, this is another great way of having extra keys for your house.


In most cases, rekeying is a better option than doing a complete overhaul of your locking system. Indeed, many people do not realize that opting for rekeying a lock is cheaper than lock replacement. In fact, it is not necessary that you have to hire expert locksmith to carry out rekeying activity for you. The good news is that most home improvement store(s) offer a do-it-yourself lock rekeying manual or kit, which is great for those people who are handy with machinery and tools.


Changing a lock


lock changeThe process of changing a lock is not quite simple as compared to rekeying a lock. However, there are some situations when replacing/changing a lock is better than rekeying. Indeed, changing and replacing a lock means that you have to uninstall the entire lock system from your door (in most cases, it consists of 4 to 6 screws), and then mount another new lock on its place. It should be noted that, during replacement, you would receive another set of keys along the new lock hardware.

You may wish to replace/change the entire locking system if your lock(s) is damaged or when its condition is poor or weak. Indeed, if someone had recently broken-in or tampered with your locks in an attempt to get into your house, then you need to consider complete lock changing.



It does not matter which option you choose, the truth of the matter is that your home security will not reduce. In other words, if you consider lock replacement/changing, you will be given another set of keys alongside the new lock hardware. Similarly, if you opt for rekeying, the old keys will no longer operate your locks since the inner mechanism will be altered just to accept the new keys.