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Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Locks And Keys |

The Best Locks To Use For Commercial Doors

When it comes to the security of your premise, you need to ensure you select the best locks to use for commercial doors. The market has new locks being introduced each day and as a homeowner, you need to know which the best locks to use for commercial doors are. Depending on the investments one has made, spending a little more on the locks to use for their commercial door should not be an option but a must thing to do. Here are various types of locks that one can use for their business doors without compromising the security of their investments.

Schlage. It is considered as the industry leader when we come to looking for locks for commercial doors. The locks from this brand are highly tamper-resistant and are also known for being durable. The locks will offer one many years of service and keeping robbers at a bay as these locks are tamper-proof. One can have these locks with a master lock system or them coming as keyless entry system.

kwikset packageKwikset. These locks come with SmartKey technology. With this innovative technology, one can re-key their lock themselves, and this helps save time and money. These are the best locks for people who own rental properties and more so businesses where one has high employee turnover, and one wants to change the locks. The locks are also bump-proof.

Corbin. They are also called Russwin Locks and known for their durability and strength for commercial use. The Corbin locks are quick and easy to install and useful for various institutional use. They come with an attractive but sturdy design and can also withstand a high volume of use as well as abuse.

ArrowArrow. The arrow locks brands are loved because of the professionalism in engineering them. The bolts are made to remain durable and very secure in the most highly trafficked areas. For security professionals in the industry, these are the locks they need. The arrow locks are also very affordable and durable to offer you several years of service.

Sargent. The Sargent brand of locks is best and highly used in some of the highly demanding environment for commercial purposes like hospitals and schools. The brand comes with various lock options that include keyed entry, fobs, keypad locking systems and keyless entry. You’ll also find some that come with complementary hardware. They are durable, good and secure locks for your business.

KabaKaba Llco. They are the best locks for people having vacation properties and also for property managers. They always come with an all-inclusive electronic key card system as well as mobile access solutions. For commercial facilities, homeowners will get a broad range of access control devices. These lock brands offer barrier and turnstile solutions and embedded access control to control entry to secure areas.

Baldwin. They are well known to provide outstanding security and offer attractive design. They also have traditional and modern hardware options and can work well in almost all homes. They also blend elegantly with the surrounding furnishings. They offer various security solutions that include levers, keyless entry, deadbolts, knobs and pocket door locks.

Falcon. These brands are known to offer electric door operation element. They also provide a high level of security and used in different areas like commercial sites, healthcare and educational facilities. Falcon brand of locks secures most of the government structures in the United States from Pentagon to White House.

Medeco lockMedeco. The Medeco brand has ten locking systems that carry the Certified Environmental Facts multi-attribute certification. They are environmentally friendly and green locking system. For homeowners who need system management, controlled access and accountability apart from the physical security, the Medeco brands offer eCylinder that is a wireless locking format.

Adams-Rite. These locks are safe to use for commercial as well as industrial purposes. With their eLatch products, they ensure homeowners have tight security and ease of control. For owners who need electric door locking elements, these type of locks will offer them the solution.

With the above brands that are considered as the best locks to use for commercial doors for homeowners, the security of your premise is guaranteed. However, before making a purchase of any lock brand, as a homeowner, always undertake a thorough market survey and research so as to have value for your money.