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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Home Security, Locks And Keys |

Does it make sense to have two locks on the door?

Does it make sense to have two locks on the door?

From a security point of view, two locks can be more helpful than one, although it is advisable to begin by selecting a security-rated model that comes with increased security. In deed, some insurance companies insist that you should look for a security-rated model before insuring the house. It is not enough to have two security-rated locks without making sure that they are properly installed. Thanks to Phoenix Locksmith Pros In Phoenix Arizona for the information.




locked outWhen it comes to the convenience of using your house, having two locks can be tricky, especially if you have the type where a lock is in the knob. In this case you just need to close the door and it automatically locks without need for using a key. It means you can easily lock yourself out by pushing the door behind you or let’s just say due to winds, and when that happens, it is more difficult to deal with two locks instead of one. Whether you have to break in yourself or call a professional key cutter, it means double efforts and double costs.


In addition, knobsets are hard to work with when there are kids around because it is even easier to lock themselves out.


Due to the ease of locking oneself out with the above system, installing a deadbolt can be a better alternative. With a deadbolt, you require a key on hand to lock the door, thus it is more difficult to lock yourself out. Some also see installing a single deadbolt as a more secure alternative than having a lock because the former penetrates way deeper into the door and is firm. A key-in-knob lockset is screwed onto the door. It is easy to remove these screws and hence a deadknob does a better job. However, a key-in-knob is easier and quicker to deal with than a deadbolt in case you lose the key. Dealing with a deadbolt may come with additional damages on the door if not properly done.


Level of security in the area


People also react to the situation depending on how secure the area is. For instance, in an area of very low security, two locks are advisable. Others use a key-in-knob lockset and a deadbolt. You could also chose a deadbolt that has removable thumbturns so that it is more difficult for thieves to open the door even if they break in through the window. Again, it makes it hard for them to carry away bulk items from the house since they will still need to get out through the window. Doors on houses with window sidelites are easier to break because buglers simply break sidelites and easily unlock the door.


Revisiting the issue of costs, many people choose to have two locks only on the outermost door instead of having it on every door in the house. However, when it comes to sincere security, you might need to have someone look out for the house if the neighborhood isn’t secure at all. Again, if there is someone or a trusted neighbor or someone watching your property, then having slightly less secure option is worth. For instance, you can have a single lock instead of two.


Door stability


front doorThe other reason you might consider a second lock has to do with stability of the door. Thieves do not actually have to destroy the lock: they can choose to break in by hitting it open. If you have a single point lock on a door, it allows to twist from the top or bottom ends. Even if there are no thieves involved, these twists can occur when the door is exposed to other forces – for instance kids playing with the door. The twists increase the chances of having the door lock failing prematurely. The problem worsens with UPVC and composite doors. You will need to spend more money on replacements in the long run. This problem is tackled by having multipoint locks. The brutal attack force is distributed evenly around the whole door and frame, making it hard to break in.


You can install more locks on a wooden door to achieve the same advantage. Fitting two door locks can be easier if the door is composite or UPVC type. One can be installed on the lower half and the other on the upper half. A recommendation is to install a two deadlocks this way and then have a rim lock at the center. You can also use only a night latch in the middle.


Ease of replacement and repair


Locks, like any other door part, are susceptible to breakage and malfunctioning. It can be very inconvenient when it happens: for instance consider the lock of the outerdoor or gate breaks or malfuntions at night. Hence having two locks can be helpful in that you will still secure your house and home with one of them in case the other one breaks.


Other precautionary measures that can help with installation of two key-in-locks include ensuring that you use 6″ screws to attach it to the door instead of using screws of shortest size. Continued maintenance of the locks also helps in this regard. For instance, rekeying the lock is a cost effective mechanism that will see them perform their role optimally without the need to replace them.




When installing deadbolts, it is also advisable to check the regulations in your area. In some cases, installing double cylinder deadbolts where you can use a key on both sides to open the door, is restricted. This is because these types of locks make it hard for people to flee the house in case of an emergency, say fire. This is a usual practice in rental properties. However, it is fine to use them on private property in many cases.



The bottomline is that whether or not you want to install an additional lock depends on your needs. Consider how secure the surrounding is and if or not you have someone watching the house. If the security is tight, you might want to include other needs such as how convenient it sounds to you to work with two door locks.

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