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Posted by on May 31, 2016 in Locks And Keys, Locksmith Information |

The Popular Kwikset Smart Locks

The Popular Kwikset Smart Locks

A smart lock may be the best investment you can make for utmost home security. Also known as an electronic lock, this device is exhibits technological advancements and spectacular innovation resulting to a better mechanism. Today, there can be overwhelming options in the market of what smart locks available for your house, but choosing the best smart locks makes a huge difference. It makes your life easier and gives you peace of mind with superior craftsmanship coming from the renowned brand. Here are your top two choices:

Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset Kevo ModelsA lock that appears to be the typical deadbolt at first, but when it lights up, it’s too good looking to be a smart lock. Boasting as the evolution of the key, the Kevo is one extraordinary device with the many features it has been built with, yet presents homeowners with a lock that’s pretty simple to use.

Perhaps the best technological innovation today is the ability of a smart lock to keep up with your lifestyle, and what have you got with you wherever you go? Your handy smartphone. The Kwikset 925 lets you use your handheld device as key itself, eliminating the need for a conventional key and fumbling to find where they’re at right before entering your own home.

The touch to open technology does wonders among all locking techniques. Imagine opening the lock with the slightest touch of your finger, as long as you have your phone nearby. What if your phone’s battery runs out? No worries, for you’ll never be locked out. The keychain fob ensures you won’t be stranded in any case.

Homeowners can utilize the mobile app, available on Apple iOs and Android, to setup features and customize settings as they wish. The app is primarily used for initial setup, as well as sending, disabling and deleting e-keys, and viewing the history of lock activities.

The lock comes with two keys, and lets you add more digital keys to give to family, friends, and guests when you are granting them access. The e-keys have multiple levels of encryption, and it won’t be easy to break the codes. The visual notification functions to light up the lock blue to alert you of instances such as a lock miss or when the door is not yet locked.

The Kwikset Kevo lock is excellent in terms of design, seamless controls, convenience, and backed up by the best customer and technical support. Pick resistant and bump-proof, it’s the best when it comes to keeping your home secure.

Kwikset SmartCode

Kwikset 9140Safety is paramount with this smart lock that’s the ultimate in touchscreen security, being more physically secure than a deadbolt. The Kwikset Smartcode lock works best to complement a home automation system with the built-in ZigBee and Z-Wave features.

The ultra responsive Advanced Touchscreen allows for instant display of an elegant cool white LED illuminated screen, for you to then enter your code easily in the dark or under the daylight. It is quickly activated with your fingertips or by using the back of your hand.

During the unlock process, you’ll have to touch two random prior to inputting your key code. The idea is to scatter fingerprints all over the keypad to prevent fingerprint and code detection, so a stranger can’t tell which digits actually comprise your real keycode. Moreover, the SmartCode 916 has a built-in alarm that goes off, then disables the keypad whenever the wrong code is entered too many times.

Locking your door can be achieved with just a single touch, without the need for a key or code to lock it securely. Installation is quite easily done as well without any hard wiring required, but merely a screwdriver which lets you set it on your door in minutes. The slim interior or exterior profile and transitional design looks great as an enhancement.

Just in case, you’ll always have a backup with the Kwikset SmartKey Technology, which saves you money in the long run by giving you the power to re-key your lock yourself as necessary.

When it comes to choosing the best home security device, people want a lock that gives them all the best features for the price. The Best Kwikset Locks On The Market are definitely worth it, providing both superior security and design imbued with the standards of high quality. It creates the safe home you and your family deserves. But if you are ever in need of some lock repairing or replacement, call your local locksmith as they are well equipped to handle all your Kwikset needs.

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Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 in Locks And Keys |

High Security Lock Options for Your Home

High Security Lock Options for Your Home

It is quite common to secure residential and commercial premises using high end technology that enhances the security of your property by all means. Smart door locks are definitely one of the best options if you’re planning on strengthening home security. Right from automatic detection to multi-purpose mobility, the best high security lock options can prevent unwanted burglaries and vandalism in a domestic environment. You can control who unlocks the front door in your absence and even monitor energy consumption in your home using a smart thermostat. A traditional deadbolt might be comfortable for an old fashioned lifestyle however it can’t keep out locksmiths who can easily disable these bolts and violate the sanctity of your home. If your home has a lot of valuables, comprehensive knowledge regarding the best high security lock options for your home is must. Here’s what you need to know brought to us by our friends at, the best locksmiths in Oregon

If you’re thinking of buying a smart door lock then there are two types –

  • Locks that can connect using an internet connection like a Wi-Fi or 
  • Locks that connect to a Bluetooth oriented security device

While Wi-Fi activated locks provide a range of features, Bluetooth-only locks offer a high end security. Internet connections can be intercepted or tampered with easily however Bluetooth-only locks offer a lag in their operation. Both types can suit certain home environments and depending upon your requirements and budget, you can choose from this list of the best home security options available –

  1. August Smart Lock

august smart lockOne of the most popular high security devices available is the August Smart Lock that interprets presence i.e. can detect when you’re leaving and entering the premises. It is effective in both commercial and residential complexes providing extreme amount of security. This Bluetooth-only device offers real time unlock alerts, powered by 4AA batteries sending all the information to your cell phone whenever necessary.

  1. Kwikset Kevo

kwikset kevoThis discrete yet concrete looking home security device resembles a standard deadbolt however it consists of a ring of blue lights around its circular frame. Also Bluetooth oriented, it functions on touch and can be unlocked with a simple tap providing remote accessibility to a user. However only if a mobile or the registered smart phone is nearby, does the bolt unlock. It features two physical keys, electronic key sets and also can be connected to a Wi-Fi connection if need be.

  1. Mul-T-Lock’s ENTR Lock

One of the leading manufacturers of high security locks, Mul-T-Lock has an impressive line of home security devices. ENTR Smart Lock solution combines the design of a mechanical lock with advanced technology that also consists of bump resistant features. It is definitely a challenge to break into a house which is secured with this high security lock since it uses a restricted key way. It can only be duplicated at an authorized Mul-T-Lock deal who can fabricate a duplicate key using the magnetic strip inside the bolt.

  1. Lockitron Bolt

This is ideally the most budget friendly option you can find to secure your home premises without any overhead charges. A skilled locksmith can install the Bluetooth oriented lock that can replace a traditional bolt with an identification feature. The physical lock setting can be matched to a key, whose specifications will only remain with the owner. The Bluetooth Low Energy enables the device to function during a power cut or internet outages.

  1. Goji Smart Lock

Goji Smart LockAnother addition to this list is the Goji Smart Lock that consists of a welcome screen, high security buzzers and works both on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The remote control functionality of the device (when it works on Wi-Fi) and fob proximity (when it works on Bluetooth) simply enhances its performance. It features two mechanical keys for backup and provides excellent customer services whenever you’re locked out. It provides a holistic approach towards safeguarding the property by sending real-time pictures to your smart phone recording lock activities.

  1. Haven

This is a secure haven for your haven, anchored to the front door’s base unlike customary locks. Haven is designed to provide maximum security especially since it acts as a mechanical barrier and can only be unlocked using the physical footplate. The device completely reinvents the concept of home security that recognizes excessive sounds or force within a home environment. It comes with a Sync Haven (smart technology) that turns on the smart lighting system on detecting suspicious activity.

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