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Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Locks And Keys |

What Kind Of Car Key Is The Most Reliable?

What Kind Of Car Key Is The Most Reliable?

If you are a car owner, there is one question you’ve probably asked yourself at least once in your lifetime: what kind of car key is the most reliable?

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to consider aspects like durability, ease of use, etc. But before we look at some of the most reliable kinds of car keys available in the market, let’s first determine what may motivate you to question the reliability of your car key. Thanks to for the useful info.

Although most folks hate to admit it, it is common knowledge that most car owners have been locked out of their car on one or more occasions. Such a situation can be infuriating, especially if you have to attend to an urgent matter.

Losing your car keys is not a matter of being careful; it is something that can happen to anyone at any time. With newer models, the issue is even worse, since keys are normally combined with a remote.

The best thing to do after undergoing such a horrendous experience is to seek the services of a professional automotive locksmith. Highly-experienced automotive locksmiths have the capability to handle almost all types of car keys, including the most recent ones.


Locksmiths should be your best friend when it comes to the issue of car key replacement. Replacing car keys largely depends on the model of the motor vehicle in question. Newer models have a transponder embedded within the ignition keys. The transponder communicates electrically with the car, thus preventing theft.

In newer models, replacement doesn’t work unless the transponder is programmed to match your car. Apart from the transponder, newer models also come with an integrated fob, which has buttons for locking and unlocking doors. For experienced locksmiths, the model of the vehicle is not really an issue.

Here Are Reasons That May Prompt You To Consider Replacing Your Car Keys:

1. Losing keys
2. Replacement of a missing or broken transponder chip
3. When your car keys are snapped in the door lock
4. Damaged car keys
5. Being locked out of the vehicle
6. When you need a spare set of keys

Examples of some of the most reliable car keys; they answer our initial question (what kind of car key is the most reliable?)

transponder11. Transponder Car Key: It includes a microchip inserted inside the key handle. The microchip is essential for preventing car key fraud. It also promotes ignition security. The transponder car key is very difficult to duplicate, unless you have access to specialized equipment. Nevertheless, you can be sure that a professional automotive locksmith with proper transponder key systems can assist with replacement.

2. VAT Key: It incorporates a vehicle anti-theft system. For additional security, the system includes a resistor chip in combination with the blade. Note that the resistor chip contained in this car key differs from the microchip found in transponder keys. Just like the transponder car key, the VAT key is very difficult to duplicate.

Lincoln Key3. Smart Car Key: This recently developed car key type is not used by many. It is referred to as a “smart key” because it allows the car owner to operate the car remotely. Some of the tasks that can be performed remotely include opening and closing of doors, or even starting the car.

4. Valet Car Key: Just from the name you already know what the key is all about. It allows you to take the car effortlessly to a valet for parking and retrieving. This kind of car key has been modified to only allow to main operations: door locks and ignition. It is normally issued alongside a smart or transponder key.

5. Laser Cut Car Key: Although not very advanced, it is more secure compared to mechanically cut car keys. It is also called a sidewinders or internally cut key. Lasers are used to enhance precision during cutting. With lasers, it is easy to create grooves on either sides of the key shank, hence reducing the possibility of duplication.

This type of key is quite expensive, since the cutting process requires specialized machinery.

From the information highlighted in this article, you can see that a skilled automotive locksmith should be your go-to guy when you lose or break your car key. Forget about your car dealer for a second; it will take a long time to find a solution, and you’ll certainly part with a huge sum of money.

Here Is A List Of Cars That Most Locksmiths Replace Keys For

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Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Locks And Keys |

A Dealership or a Locksmith for Car Key Replacement?

A Dealership or a Locksmith for Car Key Replacement?

Losing your car keys can be extremely frustrating not only because you won’t be able to use the car for a while, but chances are that you will face high towing and labor costs from the dealership to have them replaced.


However, by choosing a local locksmith to replace your car keys, you can save a lot of money, time, and also make the whole deal much more convenient for you. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should consider using the services of an auto locksmith instead of a dealership. Big thanks to the guys at EV Keys for the information.


Low Replacement Cost


Did you know that an auto locksmith can replace your car keys much cheaper than a dealership?


The cost of car keys replacement from dealerships is a common issue among vehicle owners. Most dealerships will charge you $250 and above to replace a transponder key. You will have to pay for both the replacement and labor, which of course hikes up the price.


The advantage of using locksmiths is that they use the same tools, equipment, and replacement techniques as the dealerships but charge half the price. This means that you are better of hiring locksmiths for the job because you will be able to save more.


Auto Locksmiths Can Help You Save Time Unlike Dealerships


Save TimeImagine this. You have a meeting scheduled in about 3 hours but you’ve accidentally locked your keys in the car. How long will it take the dealership to tow your car to their workshop and have the keys replaced? Of course, it will take a few hours, which means that you will be late for the meeting.


One of the main reasons why many car owners prefer locksmiths over dealerships is that their response times are quick, which means that wherever you are, they will arrive speedily and make the necessary fixes and replacement, saving you more time in the end.


Locksmiths are Convenient


Apart from saving a few bucks, locksmiths can make it convenient for you as they come wherever you are and whenever you need their services. This means that no matter where you are stuck, all you have to do is call them. You don’t have to stress yourself by waiting for the dealership to tow your car to their workshop. It can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful.

Locksmiths Can Replace Keys for Any Car Model but at a Lower Price


Locksmiths are highly skilled professionals with a good experience in car keys replacement on all vehicle models. Do not underestimate their skills whatsoever.


The professionals can cut and code the car keys on the spot on the majority of the car models, and they carry the tools, equipment, and parts to do so. What’s even better is that they also stock aftermarket keys for different models which work just fine but cost much less. This is a deal that you should probably go for in case you need car key replacement services.


Finding a Reputable Locksmith in your Area


Good auto locksmiths are hard to come by. But if you get to find one of your choice, do not let go. They come in handy when you need them most and help you save more money- money that you could waste going to a dealership.


Look for a locksmith who is reputable, reliable, quick, good communicator, genuine, and has quality services. You will find out just how much you will benefit by hiring a locksmith.

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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Locksmith Information |

A Guide To Car Key Replacement

A Guide To Car Key Replacement

Losing or displacing car keys can be quite disturbing, especially if you do not have a spare set of keys to unlock your car. When such happens, it is important to look for a reputable local locksmith who has specialized in key replacement. A good locksmith will help you get a set of replacement auto keys no matter the car model or type you have. Thanks to the guys at for all the useful information.

How Easy Are the Car Keys to Replace?

When your car keys are stolen or lost, it is likely to be your worst nightmare regardless of the type of the car key. However, if you have a spare key at home, then there nothing to worry about at the end of the day. Note that car locking systems have been improved over the years to make sure that your vehicle is both secure and safe. In general, most cars can be locked or unlocked by a key, which is also used to start the ignition. However, the latest car models are keyless or make use of use of the fob or keycard instead. With the recent advancement in technology, it is not easy for a thief to forge your auto keys.

What to Do After Losing Your Car Keys

lost car keyYou might be shocked to learn that you have displaced or lost your vehicle keys, but the good news is there are several qualified locksmiths to choose from to help you gain entry to your car. Before you allow anyone to repair or replace your car lock keys, it is essential to check if the locksmith in question is accredited and experienced in replacing auto keys. Approved locksmiths are not only specialized in replacing locks, but they are also trustworthy.

Top Ways to Obtain a New Key Quickly

Replacing car keys is expensive and time consuming, but there are a number of ways you can use to get a car key quickly and easily. These ways include:

Getting a Spare Key

Twin Car KeyIn a situation where you have lost the spare keys, but you still have a single functional key, and you are in need of a spare key for emergencies you can hire the popular key cutter in your state. This way, you will be able to save money and time. High street key cutters will charge you about $70, but this cost does not include remote locking. This option will save you up to $130 as compared to dealership price. s

Some people prefer online locksmiths due to the fact that they are reliable and less costly. In addition, most locksmith offer high quality services.

Purchase a New Set

This is the most costly option. It is worth noting that buying a new set is a simple and easy alternative. You can order a car key from car dealer, who will charge you $200 or more depending on the car model. In order to trigger the alarms and remote control locking, you need to carry out coding and programming. When buying a car key, it is essential to visit different locations since prices may vary from one location to the other. It will take between 5 to 10 days to pick a replacement. In some instances, it can take more than 10 days depending on the dealer or car model.

Claim Key On Insurance Policy

There is a key cover offered by a number of contractors such as Keycare and more. This option is not only effective, but also straightforward. With this cover, you can replace your vehicle key without paying a coin.

You Can Claim Car Insurance

When your car key is stolen or lost, you can claim for the replacement fee on your vehicle policy. There are some insurance companies that provide unlimited key cover while others can pay up to $750 if the keys are stolen or lost. On the other hand, some other insurers will only cover for lost or stolen keys. It is up to you to choose the insurer that suit your needs and budget.

If you have lost your vehicle keys, you can call a locksmith or your insurance company to help you solve the situation. Make sure that the locksmith has vast knowledge in replacing vehicle keys and is able to program the new keys to fit your vehicle locking system. Apart from hiring an experienced car lock expert, you can also get a new key from the dealer.

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