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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Home Security |

What Is A Master Key and When Do You Need One?

What Is A Master Key and When Do You Need One?

Master key is the key that opens all the locks of your property that is under the master key system. It comes handy in situations when you want to gain access to many rooms at the same time and these master keys might vary depending on the level of the system. It is very important that you know what is a master key and when do you need one?


Master Key systemA master key system comprises of hierarchy of keys along with a number of locks/cylinders that allow different individual or group key holders to gain access to specially designated or all area of the buildings or building. There is a master keyed lock that can be installed in your property for enhanced safety and security as these locks are especially designed for opening by individual keys but it can also be opened with the use of a master key. A master key system can be very beneficial for your home or business premise since each lock in the locking system can be opened with the master key. But each lock will have its individual key and the key will open that particular door only. Even though locks come in different shapes and size which are available in innovative design variations, the master key can be used for opening all the locks that comes under this system. There are different instances when you will need a master key but most importantly, you will need a master key for gaining access to the different units of your buildings or building with the same key. It plays a very crucial role in case of an emergency like a fire outbreak because it is the time when the master key is of utmost important. With this key, you can access any room of the building in any unfortunate event, plumbing mishap or electrical accidents. As a business owner, possessing a master key system allows to have better control over your property. You can also give managerial role to various people in your organization where you can give the master key to the store manager while you can give the sub keys to the other people down in the hierarchy. This will enable them to have access to the different rooms in your business premises without compromising on the safety and security of your business.


Master KeyThere are a large number of reasons of using a master key system but the most important reason is controlling access to your property. You can also allow appropriate people to access the defined parts of the building according to your requirements. A master key system is also known as restricted system make use of the security key blanks that are the specifically designed keys that can only be copied or obtained from a reliable and experienced locksmith business that has designed this system. These keys are only made by the locksmith after authorization from building owner or his/her nominee. These kinds of locks are more secure as restricted key-way can reduce the chance of accidental opening of the lock with wrong key. The master key system includes restricted key blanks that are patent protected or design registered and hence the key manufacturers does not have permission for producing copies of the design of these keys.With the help of master key you can have access to more than one room or a large number of rooms with just one key under this system. Hence master key system can also be considered as a dynamic entity that can easily adapt to the changing requirements of your business. Under this system, you can also have accurate record of the keys as well as the people who has these keys since maintaining and keeping the record is very simple. You can also eliminate the possibility of the duplicate keys that might be made without authorization. The master key system can protect your property from unrestricted entry and it will provide you with much higher security and safety. It is also a favorable option in case of an emergency as you will have the key to your property that will open many locks with the same key and hence you can have complete peace of mind regarding the safety and security of your property.

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