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Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Locksmith Information |

How Do You Get a Key Out of an Ignition?

car ignitionIt’s one of the most stressful and frustrating times of a driver’s life: you’re in a hurry, perhaps with a meeting, going to work, or picking up the kids for something. Regardless, you hop into your car only to discover that your key is stuck in the ignition. Making matters worse, you don’t want to leave your car to get help since having the key in the ignition might cause your car to be stolen. You also face the problem of wasting a lot of time by trying to get it out on your own. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to solve the situation.
Check the position of the key. Check the key to make sure that it is in the “off” position. A common problem is to turn the key too far when you turn your car’s engine off. You can usually tell if this is the problem if you can turn your car radio on. If the radio comes on, that means your key is in the “on” position, not “off,” which will keep the key in the ignition. Also, check to make sure that your gear shift is in the “park” position. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove your key from the ignition. Most modern automatic cars will not allow you to remove your key from the ignition in any gear except “park.”

Moving Steering WheelMove the wheel. Another technique to try is to move the steering wheel while trying to remove the key from the ignition. In many cases, the position of the steering wheel will lock the key in the ignition. Further, if this doesn’t work, try rocking the steering column back and forth to see if this releases the key from the ignition.

Check the battery. In some cars, if the battery is dead, you will be unable to remove the key from the ignition. If this is the case, trying to remove the key from the ignition might damage it. As a result, you will want to wait until your battery is recharged, or at least partially recharged before you attempt to remove the key.

Use a bobby pin. If nothing thus far has worked, you might want to consider using other household objects. All modern steering columns have an override that you could use. Find the access point on the steering column, remove the cap, then press the button located underneath the cap with a bobby pin. This releases the override and might allow the key to be removed. If that doesn’t work, find a pair of pliers or vise grips, attach them to the key, and GENTLY move the key forward and backward. There’s a good possibility that this will release the key. You need to be careful when trying this, however, since if you are too forceful with the movement, you could damage your ignition, bringing you more problems than you started with.

Try to loosen the key. Sometimes you can loosen the key from the ignition by using electrical oil, WD40, powdered graphite or a similar product to lubricate it. To do this, simply squirt a small amount gently into the space between the key and the housing of the ignition. Once again, you will want to move the key to see if this works, but when you do, you will want to be gentle so you don’t damage your ignition or break the key off in the lock.

Automotive locksmithCall a locksmith. If you have tried these suggested methods with no luck, it’s probably time to call a professional locksmith, such as those at Parker Locksmith. Even if you are in a hurry, it will pay you not to do something so forcefully that you damage the lock or break the key off in the ignition. This will only leave you in a worse position than you are in now. Even if it does take time for a locksmith to arrive, he will know how to fix the problem in as quick a method as possible, but more importantly, he will be able to do it without causing further–and more expensive–damage to your car’s lock. It is a much simpler option to call a locksmith after you have attempted the methods listed above than to damage your key, the ignition, or even your car in general. A locksmith from Parker Locksmith has not only the expertise, but the experience to remove your key as well as to understand and fix the reason you could not remove it.

Getting your key stuck in the ignition of your car isn’t as simple a problem as it is often assumed to be. Not only that, but add the issue of happening at the most inopportune time, and you could have a serious problem on your hands. Fortunately, with a call to Parker Locksmith, you will be on your way in as quick a time as possible, and with a solution to your situation that will probably remedy you from now on.

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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Locksmith Information |

The Cheapest Solution When Keys Are Locked In The Car

The Cheapest Solution When Keys Are Locked In The Car

Any driver will at any point lock their keys in their car and, as a result, people have come with unique ideas of how you can be able to open the car door in seconds and access your keys. Some of these tricks involve using coat hangers, magnets, rod and screwdrivers but some of these tactics may not work on modern cars. Well, and when they do, they result to damages in windows, paints, the locking mechanism, and even the door, so even if they may seem to be effective, they aren’t cheap at all.


Your car is a major investment, so calling for a professional locksmith is the safest, reliable and the most reasonable option in case you lock your key in your car, but before calling them let’s have a look at some other thing you can do.

  1. Spare key

Having a spare key is one of the methods that many car owners overlook, but it can save you a great deal of money and unnecessary damages. You should give a spare key to your partner or your wife or a close friend, and when you lock your key inside, just call them. This is the most practical solution and the most logic cheap solution. You may also consider having a Magnetic Key case which is more the same as having an additional car key, but under this case, you have the case with you and you connect it to the steel or metal frame outside the car. You can find a place to hide these keys case, but the best place to hide them hard to reach areas, for example, under the fender.

  1. Shoestring method

Shoestring MethodThis method works perfectly well if you have the cars that have a lock knob. It involves inserting the shoelace into the vehicle with a loop referred to as a slip knot. You only need to find a way to access the knob, tighten the slip knot, pull up the lock knob and get your keys out. Do not in any way attempt to use this method on new models that has a micro computer chip in the key. If you use anything that could throw off the internal computer system, you can find yourself spending more than if you were to call a locksmith.


  1. Road assistance

I firmly believe that every driver should possess an account with road assistance firms since they are the cheapest option, other than damaging the door, window or the paint of your car. The option to choose from is endless, but make sure you look into their lockout deals.


If you in a hurry, locksmiths friendly and they have the skills of accessing your key without any damage to the car windows, doors, paint or even to the locking mechanism in a new car model. Some people may see a locksmith as an expensive solution, but considering the damages that may be involved in other attempts, it is worth consideration.


These are the just but a few cheapest solution when keys are locked in the Car. Many other options that are there involve a break in, and though they may seem cheap, some end up being expensive in the long run. So, do not try to use them unless you have run out of safe options.

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Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Locks And Keys, Locksmith Information |

Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

There are many incidents that people find themselves locked out of their houses. This is mostly in the case where they forget their keys in their houses and after locking the houses, there is now way they can access the keys. All that they can do at this point is to look for a locksmith to help them access their houses. Locking the keys inside the house is never an intentional act; this means that there is little that can be done about it. However, what you should do next once you lock the house is what one should really think of. Below are some important ways to prevent getting locked out of your house.

Get locks that require keys to lock

key locksThis is especially important for those who constantly lock their keys in the house. It is of the surest ways to ensure that you are never locked out of the house. Such locks are important in that they will always require that you have the keys with you so that you can be able to lock the house. This means that you will solve the problem of locking the keys in the house. If this is not practicable, it is always good to training yourself to keep the keys in the key holes or together with the padlocks when you are in the house. This will ensure that when you are leaving, you will always remember to take the keys with you.


Make several copies of the keys

key copiesIt is not advisable to have only one set of keys for the house, no matter how careful one is. This is because it is possible to lose that one key which will mean that you lose access to your house. One of the best ways to ensure that you are safe is to have several copies of keys kept in different places. For instance, you may have one inside the vehicle, another at the parent’s home if they live close by. You can even have one at the work place just in case. Doing so will avoid the risk of losing all the keys all at once. There are those who even keep the keys at their neighbors’ houses. This is also not a bad idea but should only be done if and only if you fully trust the neighbors.


It is also not advisable to place the keys under the door mats, flower pots, under stones or things like that. This is because you just might never know who is trying to gain access to your house. It is always good to carry your keys or ensure that they truly safe wherever they are.


Think of keyless entry

keyless entry5For those who constantly forget or lose their keys, it might be time to think of a keyless entry. This means that you will not require any keys to open the doors. At a simple touch of a button your Smartphone, you will gain access to your home. You may also think about digital locks that require a pass code or some biometric verification. This might be expensive in the initial stages but it will do away with the need to constantly call your locksmith thus saving some money. It is also convenient as you will not require carrying keys around.


Have an emergency locksmith number

Lastly, it is important to have a person who you can call in case of anything. This will come in especially when all the other options have failed. An emergency locksmith number is especially important if they operate 24 hours a day. This means that you can call them at any time, day or night. It is also good to ensure that they are situated close to your home so that they do not take a long time before getting to your home.

The above are some of the surest ways that one can follow to ensure that they are not locked out of their houses. The one thing to ensure is to get the ways that works best for you. All this is aimed at ensuring that you are not locked out of your house so get the one that will suit you best. As long as it grants you access to your house then it is good.

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