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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Locksmith Information |

The Cheapest Solution When Keys Are Locked In The Car

The Cheapest Solution When Keys Are Locked In The Car

Any driver will at any point lock their keys in their car and, as a result, people have come with unique ideas of how you can be able to open the car door in seconds and access your keys. Some of these tricks involve using coat hangers, magnets, rod and screwdrivers but some of these tactics may not work on modern cars. Well, and when they do, they result to damages in windows, paints, the locking mechanism, and even the door, so even if they may seem to be effective, they aren’t cheap at all.


Your car is a major investment, so calling for a professional locksmith is the safest, reliable and the most reasonable option in case you lock your key in your car, but before calling them let’s have a look at some other thing you can do.

  1. Spare key

Having a spare key is one of the methods that many car owners overlook, but it can save you a great deal of money and unnecessary damages. You should give a spare key to your partner or your wife or a close friend, and when you lock your key inside, just call them. This is the most practical solution and the most logic cheap solution. You may also consider having a Magnetic Key case which is more the same as having an additional car key, but under this case, you have the case with you and you connect it to the steel or metal frame outside the car. You can find a place to hide these keys case, but the best place to hide them hard to reach areas, for example, under the fender.

  1. Shoestring method

Shoestring MethodThis method works perfectly well if you have the cars that have a lock knob. It involves inserting the shoelace into the vehicle with a loop referred to as a slip knot. You only need to find a way to access the knob, tighten the slip knot, pull up the lock knob and get your keys out. Do not in any way attempt to use this method on new models that has a micro computer chip in the key. If you use anything that could throw off the internal computer system, you can find yourself spending more than if you were to call a locksmith.


  1. Road assistance

I firmly believe that every driver should possess an account with road assistance firms since they are the cheapest option, other than damaging the door, window or the paint of your car. The option to choose from is endless, but make sure you look into their lockout deals.


If you in a hurry, locksmiths friendly and they have the skills of accessing your key without any damage to the car windows, doors, paint or even to the locking mechanism in a new car model. Some people may see a locksmith as an expensive solution, but considering the damages that may be involved in other attempts, it is worth consideration.


These are the just but a few cheapest solution when keys are locked in the Car. Many other options that are there involve a break in, and though they may seem cheap, some end up being expensive in the long run. So, do not try to use them unless you have run out of safe options.

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