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Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Home Security, Locks And Keys |

Learn About Keyless Entry for Your Home

Learn About Keyless Entry for Your Home

There are times you will find yourself juggling your groceries’ bags trying to fish for your keys and this can be really frustrating. Holding a child in your arms while you try to get your door open will increase the challenges further. And possibly, no one would like to do this in the dark. But to avoid such occurrences, you should appreciate the convenience of home automation keyless entry. Keyless entry system will also enhance your personal security; there are a few things which are frightening than approaching your home’s front door fearing that there is someone following close behind you. But with a keyless system, you will be able to reduce the time you need to open your door.

Furthermore, carrying a set of keys is cumbersome and even annoying. Keys are bulky and hard to fit in the pocket particularly when you have many of them. Moreover, there are higher chances that you will lose them or forget them. Keyless entry locks are easier to install and do not require any wiring. You will easily create a personal code to use on the keypad to gain access to your home at any time. Most keypads are usually backlit making it easier to enter your personal code at any time of the day. Thanks to the guys at for all the useful information.

What are the benefits of keyless entry for homes?

By installing keyless entry system in your home, you will be able to enhance the safety of the residential property. The systems only require you to enter a personal entry code which will only take you a few easy pushes of a button to either lock or open the door. With the systems, you will definitely eliminate the need of keys in your home. However, keyless entry for homes will do more than eliminating the need of a key for your home. The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy with keyless entry lock for your home:

• No lockouts

Gone are the days when people would worry about being locked out of their homes after losing their keys. Moreover, the days when people used to worry about their children being locked out of their home are also gone. With a keyless system you will have the access to your home at any time without a key. You will only need to enter the code and you will be home free.

• No lost keys

lost keyWith a keyless system, there will be no time you will be locked out of your home and therefore you will never worry about losing your keys. After installing the system you will never use the keys again. This is more beneficial for the families that have to share a set of keys.

• No hiding keys

hiding house keyNow because you won’t be using keys, you will not have to hide them around your property to prepare for that time you will lose a set. This totally eliminates the hazards associated with leaving spare keys on your property. Most thieves are aware that there are people who utilize this technique and will try to search for the spare keys. By installing keyless entry locks, you will eliminate the associated risks.

• Computer programmable

Most keyless entry codes are computer programmable and this feature allows you to update your access codes from any place and at any time provided that you have internet access. And therefore in case of an emergency, you will change your code immediately.

• Temporary access

A keyless entry lock can store many unique user codes. This allows you to give access codes to those people you trust. You will then delete the code any time you wish to do so. Therefore, you will give access to service men, dog walkers, neighbors and any other person while maintaining the security of your home.

• Easier to access

Due to the ease of sharing your access codes with any person you find fit; you will eliminate most day hassles and still keep your home secure. With a keyless entry lock vacations will be less stressful and you won’t need to take any time off work to allow the handyman in.

Keyless entry for homes is among the nicest smart home comfort. You will be able to open your front door at any time and from any place and also change the access code at any time you wish. You will also be able to send the key code to your friends or neighbors when need arises.

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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Home Security, Locksmith Information |

How Many People Hold the Keys to Your House?

How Many People Hold the Keys to Your House?

A lock with multiple keys doesn’t make sense, especially if some of those keys are in the hands of strangers. Ironically, the keys to your lock may be with unknown people, without you being aware of the situation. Most buyers who purchase mass-produced locks don’t look into this apparent danger. simply put, the chances of a few others having the keys to a lock produced in multiple quantities can never be ruled out.

Most retailers have only limited quantities of multiple keys for every brand of lock sold. In fact, the number could be as low as below 20 or 10.

For instance, a company makes 30,000 non-identical keys. The firm constantly rotates the several thousand key codes being shipped to retailers. But one is not sure how often the inventory is being rotated by retailers. As a result, it’s quite possible for seven deadbolts to have the same key.
Mesa Locksmith Pros

Key Exchange

Key exchangeFriends often exchange keys among themselves. Having a spare key with another person makes it easier to execute things when you’re not around. For instance, your friend could receive your mail when you are out of town. And you feed the friend’s puppy when your friend is likely to return home late. When you lose your key, you know there is a spare at your friend’s place. While this arrangement works out well as a backup, this form of exchange cannot be taken lightly.

It’s extremely intimate to let another individual into your house when you aren’t around, letting them browse through the exposed stuff. This approach, at times, makes it difficult to keep tab of the number of people holding the keys to your house.

Re-Keying a New House

New House1If you’ve moved into a new house, it’s possible a complete stranger could be awaiting your return home after a day of shopping. The individual may not necessarily be a burglar – he could be the friend of the previous owner who’s not aware his friend doesn’t stay at the place anymore.

This makes it vital to rekey a new house. Because you just don’t know the number of people the ex-owner has handed over the house’s keys to – parents, friends, children, girlfriend, etc. If a property agent was involved in your real estate purchase, multiple copies of the house’s key are possible too. There are also chances of foreclosed owners returning back and taking stuff from existing owners or renters.

The earlier the rekeying, the better. In fact, have the new house rekeyed by a locksmith even before transporting appliances, furniture and other household items into the space. Rekey locks opening up the front door, main entry, back doors, etc. Other entry point locks, if any, must also be rekeyed such as mailbox doors, garage and basement doors.

Safety Recommendations

It is unlikely for a criminal to buy bunches of locks to locate a key matching yours. But consider how many times you handover your keys to neighbors, for car wash, valet, etc.

According to safety experts, it’s recommended to have the house key and car key not tied to each other. If you are willing to spend more for safety, invest in locks that need a custom key and which can’t be duplicated.

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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Home Security |

DIY Home Security Tips

DIY Home Security Tips

Home security is something that most people take seriously but what are some of the steps the average homeowner can take to minimize chances of burglary without having to wire the entire house with booby-traps? The FBI estimates that at least one burglary happens every 15 seconds in the U.S. With such high numbers and local law enforcement reporting increased incidents in some of the more secure neighborhoods, one has to consider a way to secure the house even on a minimum budget.

If the idea of installing a top-of-the-line home security system sounds good to you but you can’t afford it, don’t cancel out security; there are still a number of things that you can do to make sure no one gets into your home.

Effective DIY Home Security Tips

Step 1: Light it up

  • home security lightsStatistically an intruder is most likely to target houses without proper exterior lighting. The solution here is simple enough, just make sure the exterior of your house is fully illuminated, and make use of motion-detector spotlights and other devices.
  • When travelling, always use timers on indoor lighting to give the impression of life-as-normal. You can get manual and digital timers at your local hardware store or online.

Step 2: Clear up the landscape

  • Dense shrubs can make ideal hideouts for thugs so keep the hedges low and plants near entrances trimmed and neat.
  • Tall trees have been used multiple times to access high windows and other entry-points in the home so make sure to keep the trees short or well-trimmed.

Step 3: Install good locks

  • august smart lockDoors that only carry a handle lock make great targets for home invasion because they don’t require a lot of physical effort to unlock. Add a strong deadbolt at each entry to make it more challenging for an outsider to unlock the doors. A good deadbolt incorporates a thumb latch on the inside and a key to unlock from the outside.
  • Install using a set of heavy-duty screws and combine that with a reinforcement plate to make the door more secure.
  • Install a wide-angle peephole in your front door so you can see who’s knocking before you answer.
  • Consider adding a patio bar or sturdy piece of wood to prevent the patio door from sliding open if the lock is damaged. A sturdy item placed on the open track can significantly improve security.
  • When leaving for more than a day, secure the garage door by inserting a bolt that stops the door from being slid open.

Step 4: Secure the house keys

  • It is NOT a good idea to hide spare house keys in ’secret’’ hideouts on your compound because clever burglars know which flower pot to turn over.
  • Watch how you handle spare keys and who you allow to keep a copy. Remember you may not control situations in which the keys may be duplicated, but you do have control over who has a copy of your house keys.

Step 5: Seal all windows

  • Oftentimes windows make the weakest link in home security because homeowners do not realize they pose a particular vulnerability and simply ignore them.
  • A modern window comes with sash locks but you can have a locksmith add another layer of security in case your integrated window lock gets compromised. A hole drilled from front to back where the upper and lower window panes overlap can stop the window from opening; just drive a long nail in the hole when the windows are locked.

Step 6: Install home security system

  • Alarm SystemWith a onetime purchase you can get a low-cost decent home security system complete with infrared motion detection and sensors to warn you when someone tries to access your home through windows or locked doors. These types of systems usually incorporate a “pet alley’’ settings that you can use to keep detection just above regular paths.
  • Make a thorough inventory of all the valuables in your home and use a camera to take a tour of your home, documenting where your valuables are, and save the film and any other relevant documentation, e.g. receipts or ownership documentation, on a safety deposit box. If burglary incident ever occurs, you will have proof that you lost valuable items and your film may be of help to the police and your insurer.

These are simple solutions which if followed, will keep you alert and minimize chances of home intrusion. Remember to contact the authorities if you suspect someone may be trying to access your house without your permission.

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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Home Security |

5 Ways You Can Make Your Home Safe From Intruders

5 Ways You Can Make Your Home Safe From Intruders

Your home is your castle. Whether you’re away from home or at home, you expect that your valuable possessions will remain safe. However, current statistics indicate that the rate at which burglary happens makes it one of the most common crimes across the globe. Nonetheless, you can completely secure your home by making it difficult for home intruders or burglars to break in. Making it hard for them to break in will stifle their efforts no matter how hard they try. Consequently, this will save you so much headache and heartache of having to lose your valuables and end up looking for money to purchase new items. Below are 5 ways you can make your home safe from intruders with the help of

Always Lock Your Doors and Windows

locked windowsThis is the most basic preventive measure of them all. Always ensure that your doors and windows are well closed before leaving home. Most people with back doors fail to lock them, making it easy for home burglars to walk in. If you live in a storey building, ensure your ground and first-floor windows are closed. Never assume that your neighborhood is safe to warrant staying indoors all night or going for a leisure walk without locking your doors and windows.

Install Strong Locks

While locking your doors and windows is a good step, installing strong locks will help deter more persistent home burglars by making it hard for them to break in. Always keep in mind that burglars look for easy access because they do not have enough time to try breaking through. Use solid core or metal doors secured with high quality deadbolt locks. When purchasing a door lock, look for the one with an ANSI grade 1 rating. Additionally, the deadbolt locks ought to have a horizontal bolt at least 1 inch long. Shorter bolts make it easy for a burglar to use tools to spread the door frame and easily open the door. You should also consider using locks with internal anti-saw pin because this makes it hard for a burglar to saw through the bolt using a hacksaw. Having locks with anti-drill features that use hardened steel chips inside the lock is an extra protection that will destroy a drill bit if a burglar attempts to drill through the lock.

Install a Home Security Alarm System

home alarm systemHaving a home security alarm system reduces the chances of a burglar breaking into your home. Choose a home security system that primarily uses motion detectors and arms all doors and windows that could provide access to burglars. Additionally, consider using glass-break sensors that automatically set off the alarm at the sound of a glass door or window panel being broken. There are also some sensors that detect sudden shock waves, hence setting off the alarm in case someone is trying to kick open the door. You should also keep your pass code private rather than posting it on your home security alarm key pad. Last but not least, ensure you use the window decals and yard sign that say your house is under the protection of home security alarm system. Always make regular checks to ensure the sign is still there and is visible. Sometimes if can be covered up by shrubs.

Don’t Make It Easy to Hide

A burglar will find it easy to get into a house where the chance of being seen is almost zero. Do not provide a burglar with any sort of cover or hiding place. Burglars can hide behind shrubs and trees. Therefore, make sure to trim the shrubs and trees or remove any shrubbery next to your windows and doors. If you like using plants next to your house, it is advisable to use thorny plants such as roses or holly. Secondly, ensure the outside of your house is illuminated with outdoor security lighting. Always illuminate the main entrance with at least two bulbs, just in case one of the bulbs burns out. Additionally, you should use exterior lighting fitted with motion detectors. This means a burglar will be scared if the lights are activated by motion especially when trying to come closer to your house. Lastly, the back and side of your home can offer some concealment for an intruder. Therefore, secure all the back entrances just like you do with the main entrance.

Don’t Advertise You’re Away

Avoid telling all and sundry that you are away from home. Always make your home look occupied to put off burglars. You can use automatic light timers and set them to turn on and off in a manner simulating your normal patterns. Ensure the light timers have battery backups just in case there is a power failure. Such timers will make a burglar think that someone is in the house. You can also use the same timers to turn on and off TVs and radios. Additionally, you should consider using timed automatic drape openers because drapes that are always open or closed suggest no one is home. You can also arrange to have your lawn mowed in case you will be away from home for quite a while. This makes your compound look neat, an indication that someone is around. Additionally, do not stop your newspaper and mail deliveries, but instead ask your neighbor to pick them up for you while you are away. Seeing daily deliveries being made will automatically make an intruder think someone is around.

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