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Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Home Security |

15 Ways To Safeguard A Commercial Property

15 Ways To Safeguard A Commercial Property

Whether unintentional or deliberate, vandalism can undermine the image of your company. While there is no building that is immune to destruction, you can take precautions to effectively reduce the risks so that you can protect your assets. Disaster strikes without notice; its therefore important to take safety precautions at all times. Listed below are numerous Ways to Safeguard a Commercial Property brought to us by Lakeoswego Locksmith Pros.

  1. Padlocks and locks

padlock2Ensure that you lock all inside security doors and outside entrances. Double cylinder deadbolts that have removable collars are the safest. The deadbolt must contain at least contain hardened steel inserts. The inserts must be protected by latch guards. The padlocks must be made of hardened steels. The hardened steels must be mounted on the bolted hasps and must be locked to prevent any exchange. The serial numbers must be hidden to prevent the new keys from getting duplicated

  1. Doors

All security and outside doors must be constructed solidly. They must be lined using metal apart from having heavy metal crossbars. The jambs at the doors must also be solid. All the exposed hinges must be pinned so that they cannot be removed easily

  1. Windows

Window locksThe windows must have secure locks. The glass must be subjected to burglar –resistant treatments. For further security, you can install a polyester security film. This film must however be accompanied by glass break sensor alarms. Heavy metal grates should be used on windows that are highly vulnerable like rear windows. Check from the fire code inspector in your area for safety requirements

  1. Lights

Lights must offer optimum visibility both outside and inside. The outside lights must have a vandal-proof cover over light sources. The entire perimeter must have enough light especially at the doors, windows and other possible entry points

  1. The alarm system

The alarm system must be installed and supplied by an alarm company that is licensed. The alarm system company must have a monitoring station that is centralized. Check at the alarm system on a daily basis to ensure that it’s properly functioning. For a better and smart self defense tactic, advertise the presence of the alarm system with the sticker of the company or a yard sign to deter break-ins in future

  1. Cash register

The cash register must be kept in a visible position from out of the building . It must be left open whenever it’s empty or not in use so that it can be monitored easily

  1. Strongbox/safe

The safe or the strongbox must be burglar-resistant and fireproof. It must be securely anchored apart from being visible. Always leave it open whenever it’s empty and lock in valuables whenever you are closing the business. Change the combinations anytime you release or sack an employee who has details regarding the safe or the strongbox.

  1. Building exterior

The building exterior must be thoroughly checked including the walls, basement and roof. Secure all the openings. Maintain a good visibility by disallowing landscaping, vehicle equipments, cans, trash bins and boxes near the building. Their presence may assist in offering access to the rooftop.

  1. Installation of Perimeter fences

home fencesThe perimeter fences must be high enough so that intruders do not have an easy time accessing the premises. Although perimeter fences must be adequate enough, they must be visible by both the police and the neighbors. A good fence must be vertically erected with 0.3cm vinyl-coated chain links or vertical iron bars

  1. ID numbers and key controls

The keys must be given out responsibly. Master key systems are convenient but are not perfect for security. Code all the keys and keep them secure whenever they are not being used. Lock those keys somewhere safe and avoid leaving them lying around. Do not allow your employees to make duplicates. Change the locks whenever you are suspicious that one of your keys has been duplicated or tampered with. Marking equipments that contains ID numbers must be displayed openly as evidence to the would-be thieves. Keeping record of all the serial numbers on all equipments may be helpful in recovery.

  1. Use of CCTV

Installing CCTV looks expensive but it’s worthy in the long run. They can assist in preventing break-ins in the following ways. They deter the would-be-robbers and also increase the chances of getting the culprits incase of break-ins

  1. Use of Anti-climb fencing

If the business is sizable and requires a wall or a fence around perimeter, you can consider installing an anti-climb system. It is extremely effective in thwarting intruders. This will ensure that you do not have to lose your sleep. It also prevents an injured intruder from taking any legal redress against you in a court of law

  1. Using Key card access systems

Security at the workplaces is paramount as it helps in making both the customers and employees feel safe on a daily basis. Implementing key card assess systems on the exterior doors is a good way of ensuring that authorized personnel and employees can access the premises. This can also work perfectly with the use of simple key pad codes. The code should be strictly distributed to the personnel and the employees

You must never wait until you have a break-in or something major happens. Act now so that you can protect your investment

  1. Taking an Insurance cover

Do a research and find the best insurance company that can protect your commercial property from crimes and disasters. Get quotes from several companies and compare the rates. Take time to understand the fine prints and the exact details of the insurance agreement. Most insurance companies have hidden clause that changes meanings of coverage policies. If you are doubtful, you can seek the services of a professional who will assist you in looking over the paperwork. This will ensure that you make a decision from an informed position

  1. Risk assessment

Do an investigation and make an evaluation on where you mostly need assistance. You may realize that the commercial property is located in a crime prone area. Here you may be required to take down the old roof and put a new one. These are the items that are mostly overlooked. Assessments are costly but this can save you the losses that you would have accrued from break-ins.

You can Google Ways To Safeguard A Commercial Property for further information.

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