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Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Locks And Keys, Locksmith Information |

Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

There are many incidents that people find themselves locked out of their houses. This is mostly in the case where they forget their keys in their houses and after locking the houses, there is now way they can access the keys. All that they can do at this point is to look for a locksmith to help them access their houses. Locking the keys inside the house is never an intentional act; this means that there is little that can be done about it. However, what you should do next once you lock the house is what one should really think of. Below are some important ways to prevent getting locked out of your house.

Get locks that require keys to lock

key locksThis is especially important for those who constantly lock their keys in the house. It is of the surest ways to ensure that you are never locked out of the house. Such locks are important in that they will always require that you have the keys with you so that you can be able to lock the house. This means that you will solve the problem of locking the keys in the house. If this is not practicable, it is always good to training yourself to keep the keys in the key holes or together with the padlocks when you are in the house. This will ensure that when you are leaving, you will always remember to take the keys with you.


Make several copies of the keys

key copiesIt is not advisable to have only one set of keys for the house, no matter how careful one is. This is because it is possible to lose that one key which will mean that you lose access to your house. One of the best ways to ensure that you are safe is to have several copies of keys kept in different places. For instance, you may have one inside the vehicle, another at the parent’s home if they live close by. You can even have one at the work place just in case. Doing so will avoid the risk of losing all the keys all at once. There are those who even keep the keys at their neighbors’ houses. This is also not a bad idea but should only be done if and only if you fully trust the neighbors.


It is also not advisable to place the keys under the door mats, flower pots, under stones or things like that. This is because you just might never know who is trying to gain access to your house. It is always good to carry your keys or ensure that they truly safe wherever they are.


Think of keyless entry

keyless entry5For those who constantly forget or lose their keys, it might be time to think of a keyless entry. This means that you will not require any keys to open the doors. At a simple touch of a button your Smartphone, you will gain access to your home. You may also think about digital locks that require a pass code or some biometric verification. This might be expensive in the initial stages but it will do away with the need to constantly call your locksmith thus saving some money. It is also convenient as you will not require carrying keys around.


Have an emergency locksmith number

Lastly, it is important to have a person who you can call in case of anything. This will come in especially when all the other options have failed. An emergency locksmith number is especially important if they operate 24 hours a day. This means that you can call them at any time, day or night. It is also good to ensure that they are situated close to your home so that they do not take a long time before getting to your home.

The above are some of the surest ways that one can follow to ensure that they are not locked out of their houses. The one thing to ensure is to get the ways that works best for you. All this is aimed at ensuring that you are not locked out of your house so get the one that will suit you best. As long as it grants you access to your house then it is good.

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