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Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Home Security |

Some Great Solutions For Home Security

Some Great Solutions For Home Security

Protecting your family and your home from those wishing to break in, violate your security, and steel your belongings is one of the most important jobs you will ever have. No one understands this better than someone who places great value on their family. However, although there is no doubt to the importance of home security, too many people ignore this aspect of personal safety. If you wish to be like many other wise homeowners wanting to upgrade their home’s security, consider embracing home security solutions. Below are some great solutions for home security with help from the guys over at

Concealing Valuables

concealing valuablesEveryone has at least one valuable in their home that means a great deal to them, such as a painting or an exquisite bauble. Wherever your valuables may be located, it is best to keep them far away from windows and doors where they can easily be seen from the outside of your house. This is one of the more simple home security tips. And all valuable items in your home should be documented for insurance purposes.

Be aware of your surroundings

While you shouldn’t always walk around fearing that someone is going to attack you or your house, you should try to be conscious of activities or people who seem suspicious. You should be able to incorporate a healthy sense of caution into your life without developing anxiety or unhealthy fears. Look around before you unlock the doors to your home or car to make sure no one is acting suspiciously around you because criminals sometimes try to overpower people who are unlocking doors in order to get inside. If you feel worried, call the police.

Lock all the doors properly

Although it sounds common sense, you should always lock your doors. People sometimes forget to lock their doors, especially if they’re in a hurry, but that creates a serious home security risk. Most criminals will try to enter through doors on the outside of your house, and if those doors are unlocked, it makes it much easier for them to get inside. It’s also important to make sure you leave your windows locked because those are also accessible entry points that criminals commonly target.

Develop a sense of Vigilance in your neighborhood

Meet with your neighbors so you can build a sense of community with one another. As you get to know each other, you’ll feel a greater sense of responsibility for one another, and you’ll watch after each other’s home security much more than you would if you were strangers. Additionally, you may want to think about starting a neighborhood watch program with many of the residents in your area.

Caution over a privacy fence

Security fenceSecurity fences can essentially provide a secure chance for a thief to manouver his way into your household. Once the thief is inside the fence perimeter, he can work on entry to your house without being noticed by neighbors or persons passing by. Install a sensor with controlled security lights outside inside the fenced region. If there is a gate to the fenced in the area be sure if has a secure locking mechanism.

Regulate telephone ring times

Limit your telephone answering machine to no more than five rings. A telephone that rings for a long period of time typically indicates that a home is empty. Also, don’t say on your outgoing message that you are going to be away on vacation. You might as well just put a “rob me” sign on your home if you do that.

Cancel home delivery services when you are away

Have any and all regular deliveries to your home, such as newspapers or mail, canceled. Notify each and every service, given that they will be used to vacation requests. The only exception is in the case that you have someone that will reliably pick these items up each day.

Install security alarm system

alarmDon’t forget to arm your home security system. Private security professionals can visit your home to determine what kind of alarm will best secure your property and what kind of alarm options you should spring for. These professionals can also install the alarm correctly, so you don’t have to worry about hooking it up if you aren’t technologically inclined.

Install adequate lighting

well lit home1Always try to turn several lights on both outsides and inside your house at night. If your house is unlit, then that makes it much easier for criminals to sneak up on your property without being seen. Good lighting can help you and your neighbors spot any potential criminals that may be outside of your house. Moreover, many criminals will avoid houses that are well-lit because they don’t want to be seen, and because they’ll be worried that you’re at home. Keep your home security high with good lighting, and if you aren’t home to turn your lights on, you can rely on a timer to do it for you.

Keeping your keys safe

The last on of the home security tips you should be aware of involves keys. Try your best to keep careful track of your keyholder, and you should never write your home address on it. Although a keyholder with an address will be easier to return to the owner who lost it, it can also give a burglar the perfect opportunity to steal from you. If you do lose your keyholder and it contains your house key, your best bet is to spend extra money on having your house locks replaced.

Other security measures

Routines are key to protecting your home from thieves. So each and every night before you go to bed or leave your house, check every window and door and turn on your alarm system. If someone calls your home asking for personal information, but you do not know them, never reveal any sensitive information. Also, refrain from posting your address in a classified ad.


You should know that does not only ideal home security solutions involve crime prevention and detection but also environmental hazards such as carbon monoxide and fire. You should integrate a security system that encompasses all those issues. Ensure that the devices that you install cater for smoke and carbon detection. By establishing the right security measure at your home, you will enjoy the twenty-four-hour protection of your property.

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