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Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Locks And Keys |

Most Expensive Car Keys EVER!

Most Expensive Car Keys EVER!

Most Car keys are usually small shapeless and pretty boring to look at but there are others which have been made to depict luxurious looks for any car enthusiasts. These luxury keys have been made in different unique designs and also come with a choice of studded in diamonds and crystals. Here is a list of the most expensive car keys which are unlike anything you have ever seen before.

  1. Aston Martin AMVOX2 watch.

Aston Martin watchFor any car enthusiast who is craving for the most expensive, well equipped and luxurious car key, the Aston Martin AMVOX2 watch is ideal for you. The car key was manufactured by Aston Martin engineers who successfully combined technology with class to create one of the most expensive car keys. This luxurious car key is designed as a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch which simultaneously acts as your car key and has the ability to open up your DBS or ASTON Martin D89. The Aston Martin AMVOX2 has breath taking looks and additional amazing features which enable it carry out its functions other than just wasting you the time i.e. a stopwatch, highly responsive to touch, flaring up headlights and constantly unlocking and locking the door. It costs $34,000.

  1. Bespoke Ferrari car key.

The Bespoke Ferrari is one of the most expensive car keys which cost $23,147. This car key was manufactured by the infamous house of Camael, London. It is a unique Ferrari key that is coated with 1160 flawless diamonds and each single diamond weighs seven carats. Apart from that, it can also be customized by customers who are allowed to choose any type of precious stones and metals that fit their style, to be used in constructing an exceptional key.

  1. Bentley Diamond Key from Alexander Amosu.

Bentley Diamond Car KeyAny car enthusiast will agree with the fact that celebrated designer Alexander Amosu put in a lot of work when he created this complex diamond studded Bentley diamond key. The key is a unique and much sought after car accessory because of its distinct style. It is made up of over 101 diamonds that cover up the popular wings logo and each diamond weighs 1.09 carats. The Bentley Diamond car key is also one of the most expensive car keys which is priced at $7,895.

  1. Eng-i-Creation’s custom fob key.

This car key is one of the most expensive car keys since it has been custom made using premium leathers and coated with silver and gold. It has been made in the design of a fob that can completely fit in your pocket, can be folded into two parts and also includes an incorporated remote control. Inclusive of all its amazing features, the lavish car key costs $7,000. It is perfect for any car enthusiast who desires to carry around a fob that can fit into the pocket instead of carrying around a physical key.

  1. Pagani Huyara Key.

The Pagani Huyara key is one of the most expensive car keys that was created by the popular Italian car manufacturer Horacio Pagani. The car key is unique because it was made out of the same metal which the manufacturer used in making the Pagani Huyara super car. In addition, it is also designed using a metallic covering that has been crafted to look like the supercar. The covering has one side of it that is used as a USB flash drive and the other side contains the entrenched car key. This car key costs $3,700.

  1. BMW i8 Futuristic Car Key.

The car key has been designed as a fob and also contains its very own high resolution LCD display that shows the distance that you can travel with your vehicle before you recharge it, the cars charge levels and it also gives you the ability to pre-set the cars temperature remotely. The BMW i8 Futuristic car key is priced at $1,000.

  1. Mercedes Benz Swarovski Crystal Car Key.

The Mercedes Benz Swarovski Crystal Car Key is usually constructed in a made to order and customizable basis since the entire key is made using authentic Swarovski crystals that are available in a variety of colors i.e. pink, clear and black crystals. This all jeweled up car key is available at the price of $515 and also comes with an additional set of two standard keys.

Car manufactures have come up with lustrous and better equipped designs of car keys and we have outlined the list of the most expensive car keys above to guide any car enthusiast who is looking to purchase a car key that fits their style.