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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Home Security, Locks And Keys, Locksmith Information |

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Replacing A Lock

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Replacing A Lock

Replacing your lock is not always an easy task, keeping in mind the importance of security. Generally, change is good, but if the right procedures are not taken when changing your locks, serious consequences may follow. Here is a sneak peak of what to do and what not to do when changing your locks.

The Do’s

  • BrandsDecide whether you need the same brand of lock or a new one. Determine which lock brand and type you have now, and decide whether you want a new brand or this old one will be okay. If you are going for a new brand, some modifications may need to be done, but if you are going for the same brand, few or nor modifications will be required. For instance, if you are changing from a mortise style lock to a night latch, some modifications will have to be made to allow the new lock to fit well.
  • Ensure that the new lock satisfied the industry security standards. The new lock must satisfy the set standards, or it will compromise your security and insurance plans.
  • Remove the interior knob and the decorative cover with care before installing the new one. Having decided which brand you will go for, you now need to prepare for the replacement itself. Remove the interior knob carefully, then proceed to remove the decorative cover. This should be an easy task, especially if your lock is based on a simple configuration. Disassemble the parts and remove the latch.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t replace the lock yourself if you are not sure of the procedure. Replacing your locks may lead to far-reaching and catastrophic repercussions if it is not done in the right way. This is not a do-it-yourself task that you can do using trial and error methods. It is a serious task that gives a new dimension to the security detail of your house. For this reason, it should be done by professionals.
  • Don’t choose a lower standard of the lock. Locks come in various standards. It is not advisable to replace a lock with another one on a lower standard. Remember the standards of the lock you have normally affects insurance, security level and peace of mind. Go for higher lock standards to be on the safer side.
  • Don’t change the size of the lock. Locks also come in various sizes, and one is advised to stick to the original size, to avoid lock snapping. Check for the sizing descriptions carefully so that you don’t find yourself trying to fit a square peg in a round hole after the replacement.

In summary, the first step in securing your property is having a properly locked door. This explains you need to replace your lock whenever you have lost your keys, you have got a new roommate or your old lock is damaged. It is always good to go for the better options when replacing a lock. For example, if there has been a break-in robbery in your house, you may need to replace the old lock with a new one of a higher standard.

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Is It Common to Get Your Key Stuck In the Ignition?

Is It Common to Get Your Key Stuck In the Ignition?

Vehicles are man-made machines that are prone to a lot of problems. Occasionally, things may go wrong, more so when the vehicle is not taken care of. In this regard, it is worth noting that proper maintenance is paramount to reduce the total expense in the long run. One of the most troublesome yet stressful thing that might happen is having your key stuck in the ignition while the car is still running. There are various reasons that can lead to this situation, but some of them are easy to fix. Several cases have been reported triggering the question “is it common to get your key stuck in the ignition?” How often the key may get stuck depends on the condition of both the key and the ignition system. To determine how often this might happen, first consider some of the common causes of the same, brought to us by the guys at

What causes keys to get stuck in the ignition?

Failed shifter

failed shifterOne of the main causes of having the key stuck in the ignition is a malfunctioning shifter. In most cases, it happens when the automatic transmission shifter fails or a wire breaks near it, thus causing the key to get stuck in the lock cylinder. When this happens, the right signals to disengage the key are not sent hence the problem.

Damaged ignition

The ignition system also may be damaged making it hard to extract the key. If the ignition lock has a problem internally, then you need to get an experienced locksmith to help you solve the issue. The transmission may also be damaged making it difficult to be set into ‘park’, but cycling the transmission severally at times will release the key.

Use of damaged or bent key

bent keyWhen one or more of the metal burs on the key catch the inside of the ignition lock, then removing the key will be a challenge. The key may be broken inside the lock cylinder or bent in a manner that friction between it and the cylinder is immense, thus making it difficult to remove it.

Malfunctioning anti-theft device

The column lock mechanism may fail to function as required. It leads to challenges when removing the key after parking the car. A sensor in the transmission that might be attached to the anti-theft device may also fail to transmit a signal to the lock and the key cannot be removed.

Forced key into the ignition

If the key was forced into the ignition cylinder, then you expect some challenges when removing it. It may sit in an angle that prevents its removal or it may be having some substances as it was being inserted in the cylinder. If the substance is a solid and not easily frozen by a liquid, then removing the key will be a problem.

There are other factors not discussed above that can cause the key to get stuck in the ignition. With various causes, it shows that it is common to get your key stuck in the ignition. Some causes are easily diagnosed and corrected even without the help of an expert. However, some may be daunting to correct and they may lead to further problems if not carefully handled. Avoid taking chances and seek the help of a qualified locksmith to help you solve the problem in a remarkably short time. Below are some tips to help you select the best locksmith.

• Always get referrals. With hundreds of locksmiths in the market, getting low quality services yet at a high cost is quite easy. Get a recommendation from a friend or relative who had a similar problem and got it fixed.

• Consider reputation and level of education. Quality services are directly associated with skills. It is obvious that an experienced and well trained locksmith will offer quality services compared to a non-trained service provider.

• Licensing and insurance. To get value for your money in a remarkably short time, consider seeking help from a licensed and insured locksmith. You are assured of quality services and financial compensation in case anything goes wrong while attending on your stuck key.

• Services offered. Some locksmith tend to specialize in one line of services while others perform multipurpose jobs. Ensure that your preferred locksmith is an expert in ignition system problems before getting into the contract.

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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Home Security, Locksmith Information |

How Many People Hold the Keys to Your House?

How Many People Hold the Keys to Your House?

A lock with multiple keys doesn’t make sense, especially if some of those keys are in the hands of strangers. Ironically, the keys to your lock may be with unknown people, without you being aware of the situation. Most buyers who purchase mass-produced locks don’t look into this apparent danger. simply put, the chances of a few others having the keys to a lock produced in multiple quantities can never be ruled out.

Most retailers have only limited quantities of multiple keys for every brand of lock sold. In fact, the number could be as low as below 20 or 10.

For instance, a company makes 30,000 non-identical keys. The firm constantly rotates the several thousand key codes being shipped to retailers. But one is not sure how often the inventory is being rotated by retailers. As a result, it’s quite possible for seven deadbolts to have the same key.
Mesa Locksmith Pros

Key Exchange

Key exchangeFriends often exchange keys among themselves. Having a spare key with another person makes it easier to execute things when you’re not around. For instance, your friend could receive your mail when you are out of town. And you feed the friend’s puppy when your friend is likely to return home late. When you lose your key, you know there is a spare at your friend’s place. While this arrangement works out well as a backup, this form of exchange cannot be taken lightly.

It’s extremely intimate to let another individual into your house when you aren’t around, letting them browse through the exposed stuff. This approach, at times, makes it difficult to keep tab of the number of people holding the keys to your house.

Re-Keying a New House

New House1If you’ve moved into a new house, it’s possible a complete stranger could be awaiting your return home after a day of shopping. The individual may not necessarily be a burglar – he could be the friend of the previous owner who’s not aware his friend doesn’t stay at the place anymore.

This makes it vital to rekey a new house. Because you just don’t know the number of people the ex-owner has handed over the house’s keys to – parents, friends, children, girlfriend, etc. If a property agent was involved in your real estate purchase, multiple copies of the house’s key are possible too. There are also chances of foreclosed owners returning back and taking stuff from existing owners or renters.

The earlier the rekeying, the better. In fact, have the new house rekeyed by a locksmith even before transporting appliances, furniture and other household items into the space. Rekey locks opening up the front door, main entry, back doors, etc. Other entry point locks, if any, must also be rekeyed such as mailbox doors, garage and basement doors.

Safety Recommendations

It is unlikely for a criminal to buy bunches of locks to locate a key matching yours. But consider how many times you handover your keys to neighbors, for car wash, valet, etc.

According to safety experts, it’s recommended to have the house key and car key not tied to each other. If you are willing to spend more for safety, invest in locks that need a custom key and which can’t be duplicated.

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A Guide To Car Key Replacement

A Guide To Car Key Replacement

Losing or displacing car keys can be quite disturbing, especially if you do not have a spare set of keys to unlock your car. When such happens, it is important to look for a reputable local locksmith who has specialized in key replacement. A good locksmith will help you get a set of replacement auto keys no matter the car model or type you have. Thanks to the guys at for all the useful information.

How Easy Are the Car Keys to Replace?

When your car keys are stolen or lost, it is likely to be your worst nightmare regardless of the type of the car key. However, if you have a spare key at home, then there nothing to worry about at the end of the day. Note that car locking systems have been improved over the years to make sure that your vehicle is both secure and safe. In general, most cars can be locked or unlocked by a key, which is also used to start the ignition. However, the latest car models are keyless or make use of use of the fob or keycard instead. With the recent advancement in technology, it is not easy for a thief to forge your auto keys.

What to Do After Losing Your Car Keys

lost car keyYou might be shocked to learn that you have displaced or lost your vehicle keys, but the good news is there are several qualified locksmiths to choose from to help you gain entry to your car. Before you allow anyone to repair or replace your car lock keys, it is essential to check if the locksmith in question is accredited and experienced in replacing auto keys. Approved locksmiths are not only specialized in replacing locks, but they are also trustworthy.

Top Ways to Obtain a New Key Quickly

Replacing car keys is expensive and time consuming, but there are a number of ways you can use to get a car key quickly and easily. These ways include:

Getting a Spare Key

Twin Car KeyIn a situation where you have lost the spare keys, but you still have a single functional key, and you are in need of a spare key for emergencies you can hire the popular key cutter in your state. This way, you will be able to save money and time. High street key cutters will charge you about $70, but this cost does not include remote locking. This option will save you up to $130 as compared to dealership price. s

Some people prefer online locksmiths due to the fact that they are reliable and less costly. In addition, most locksmith offer high quality services.

Purchase a New Set

This is the most costly option. It is worth noting that buying a new set is a simple and easy alternative. You can order a car key from car dealer, who will charge you $200 or more depending on the car model. In order to trigger the alarms and remote control locking, you need to carry out coding and programming. When buying a car key, it is essential to visit different locations since prices may vary from one location to the other. It will take between 5 to 10 days to pick a replacement. In some instances, it can take more than 10 days depending on the dealer or car model.

Claim Key On Insurance Policy

There is a key cover offered by a number of contractors such as Keycare and more. This option is not only effective, but also straightforward. With this cover, you can replace your vehicle key without paying a coin.

You Can Claim Car Insurance

When your car key is stolen or lost, you can claim for the replacement fee on your vehicle policy. There are some insurance companies that provide unlimited key cover while others can pay up to $750 if the keys are stolen or lost. On the other hand, some other insurers will only cover for lost or stolen keys. It is up to you to choose the insurer that suit your needs and budget.

If you have lost your vehicle keys, you can call a locksmith or your insurance company to help you solve the situation. Make sure that the locksmith has vast knowledge in replacing vehicle keys and is able to program the new keys to fit your vehicle locking system. Apart from hiring an experienced car lock expert, you can also get a new key from the dealer.

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How To Find Good Locksmiths

How To Find Good Locksmiths

Many people fail to realize the importance of having a locksmith. Instead, they rush to hire a locksmith when an emergency strikes. For instance when they suddenly get locked out of their warm cozy homes or luxurious cars then the need for a good locksmith becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, locksmiths hired in a haste rarely deliver quality work. As such, it is important to get acquainted to a good locksmith way before even you require their services. Below are tips on how to find good locksmiths.
Fountain Hills Locksmith Pros

Search and research locally

local locksmithsA good locksmith is one who is close to you. Firstly, use the internet since many locksmiths run their own websites nowadays. However, when searching the internet be sure to browse using your location so that you get local locksmiths. You can easily verify the information you find on their websites by physically visiting their offices.

Get referrals

This is a great tip for newbies trying to find locksmiths for the first time. Ask your friends, family or colleagues to recommend to you some of the most trusted locksmiths in your area. Personal recommendations are always more reliable than online listings.

Check the reputation and level of experience

A good reputation sells while a bad one only kills business. Read online reviews to find out what previous clients are saying about a particular locksmith. You can even request a contact list of some of their clients and then call them personally. It is also important to know how long a given locksmith has been in business. This is because experienced locksmiths tend to know a lot and always offer working solutions.

Check for the necessary accreditations

CredentialsLocksmiths are rarely licensed by the government. This therefore leaves the field open to incompetent persons without any locksmith background. The best thing to do would be to confirm whether they are accredited by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). This will imply that the particular locksmith has passed all the necessary tests. Locksmiths are required to take courses in mechanical drawing, mathematics, metalwork, physics, business as well as English. A good locksmith must also undergo on job training in locksmithing schools, and locksmith associations. As such for a locksmith company to be accredited by ALOA it must have been inspected, vetted, and has professional staff.

Check for proof of identity

Identification is necessary to prove that the locksmith is actually accredited. Things that count as proof of identity include a business card, an invoice with the company’s name, a uniform and a marked car. The car should have a name that conforms to the company name as well as corporate color. The locksmith should also ask for your identity as the property owner. A professional locksmith should not be in a hurry to complete the task without first confirming that you actually own the property.

Check for insurance

Genuine and reputable locksmiths should also carry insurance. They should have an insurance that covers for workers liability and compensation. It is important that you find out from the insurance company if that cover is active and working. The insurance will help protect you in case any damages or injuries occur on your property when the locksmith is at work. Insured locksmiths also guarantee you long term safety of your property. This is because at times faulty work can lead to losses. The insurance will help pay up incase such a thing happens.

Find out the types of services offered

Some locksmiths tend to specialize in a given field while others just perform multipurpose jobs. For example, auto locksmiths focus on problems associated with vehicle door locks. Some of the services offered by locksmiths include installation, modification, service, replace and repair of different types of locks and accessories. Some locksmiths may specialize in a number of the mentioned services while others can perform all of them. Confirm from the locksmith the type of services that are offered before you hire.

Discuss matters of payments upfront

Budgeting is important for each and everything you intend to do. It is important that you know how much the locksmith will be charging for various services. This is because some locksmiths may take advantage of your ignorance and charge you exorbitantly. Locksmiths charge their fees based on various factors. These include the type of service done, how urgent it was as well as the type and quality of materials used. For example simple tasks such as opening a car or replacing a key will cost less compared to things like re-keying or replacing locks. Services that deal with installation and maintenance of security systems are even more expensive. Also ensure the company does not have any hidden charges as far as the services offered are concerned.

Find a reliable locksmith

handshakeThe essence of having a locksmith beforehand is to help you avoid the hassle that comes with emergency situations. Before settling on one locksmith, ensure there are reliable and will not let you down when you are most in need. Their customer service has to be top notch. Whenever you call try and gauge how phones are answered and even how promptly emails are responded sure that your locksmith will come aid even if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere at night.

Scrutinize, verify and sign a receipt

A written receipt is the only thing that binds and guards your relationship with a locksmith. With it you can claim for damages and prove that you actually used that particular company. The name of the company, labor cost, parts, and mileage as well as service call charges should be clearly indicated. The receipt must also include manufacturers’ as well as service warranties.


There are certain times when hiring a trustworthy and skilled locksmith proves invaluable. Note that, locksmiths not only deal with locks and keys but also other matters related to security. Once you know how to find good locksmiths, focus on the service you need. Also remember to be on guard when the locksmith arrives so you can check the credentials and other stuff. Having a locksmith that you trust can greatly give you peace of mind. For example when your locks are not working and you are away, a trusted service man can always access your property.

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Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

There are many incidents that people find themselves locked out of their houses. This is mostly in the case where they forget their keys in their houses and after locking the houses, there is now way they can access the keys. All that they can do at this point is to look for a locksmith to help them access their houses. Locking the keys inside the house is never an intentional act; this means that there is little that can be done about it. However, what you should do next once you lock the house is what one should really think of. Below are some important ways to prevent getting locked out of your house.

Get locks that require keys to lock

key locksThis is especially important for those who constantly lock their keys in the house. It is of the surest ways to ensure that you are never locked out of the house. Such locks are important in that they will always require that you have the keys with you so that you can be able to lock the house. This means that you will solve the problem of locking the keys in the house. If this is not practicable, it is always good to training yourself to keep the keys in the key holes or together with the padlocks when you are in the house. This will ensure that when you are leaving, you will always remember to take the keys with you.


Make several copies of the keys

key copiesIt is not advisable to have only one set of keys for the house, no matter how careful one is. This is because it is possible to lose that one key which will mean that you lose access to your house. One of the best ways to ensure that you are safe is to have several copies of keys kept in different places. For instance, you may have one inside the vehicle, another at the parent’s home if they live close by. You can even have one at the work place just in case. Doing so will avoid the risk of losing all the keys all at once. There are those who even keep the keys at their neighbors’ houses. This is also not a bad idea but should only be done if and only if you fully trust the neighbors.


It is also not advisable to place the keys under the door mats, flower pots, under stones or things like that. This is because you just might never know who is trying to gain access to your house. It is always good to carry your keys or ensure that they truly safe wherever they are.


Think of keyless entry

keyless entry5For those who constantly forget or lose their keys, it might be time to think of a keyless entry. This means that you will not require any keys to open the doors. At a simple touch of a button your Smartphone, you will gain access to your home. You may also think about digital locks that require a pass code or some biometric verification. This might be expensive in the initial stages but it will do away with the need to constantly call your locksmith thus saving some money. It is also convenient as you will not require carrying keys around.


Have an emergency locksmith number

Lastly, it is important to have a person who you can call in case of anything. This will come in especially when all the other options have failed. An emergency locksmith number is especially important if they operate 24 hours a day. This means that you can call them at any time, day or night. It is also good to ensure that they are situated close to your home so that they do not take a long time before getting to your home.

The above are some of the surest ways that one can follow to ensure that they are not locked out of their houses. The one thing to ensure is to get the ways that works best for you. All this is aimed at ensuring that you are not locked out of your house so get the one that will suit you best. As long as it grants you access to your house then it is good.

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