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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Locksmith Information |

A Guide To Car Key Replacement

A Guide To Car Key Replacement

Losing or displacing car keys can be quite disturbing, especially if you do not have a spare set of keys to unlock your car. When such happens, it is important to look for a reputable local locksmith who has specialized in key replacement. A good locksmith will help you get a set of replacement auto keys no matter the car model or type you have. Thanks to the guys at for all the useful information.

How Easy Are the Car Keys to Replace?

When your car keys are stolen or lost, it is likely to be your worst nightmare regardless of the type of the car key. However, if you have a spare key at home, then there nothing to worry about at the end of the day. Note that car locking systems have been improved over the years to make sure that your vehicle is both secure and safe. In general, most cars can be locked or unlocked by a key, which is also used to start the ignition. However, the latest car models are keyless or make use of use of the fob or keycard instead. With the recent advancement in technology, it is not easy for a thief to forge your auto keys.

What to Do After Losing Your Car Keys

lost car keyYou might be shocked to learn that you have displaced or lost your vehicle keys, but the good news is there are several qualified locksmiths to choose from to help you gain entry to your car. Before you allow anyone to repair or replace your car lock keys, it is essential to check if the locksmith in question is accredited and experienced in replacing auto keys. Approved locksmiths are not only specialized in replacing locks, but they are also trustworthy.

Top Ways to Obtain a New Key Quickly

Replacing car keys is expensive and time consuming, but there are a number of ways you can use to get a car key quickly and easily. These ways include:

Getting a Spare Key

Twin Car KeyIn a situation where you have lost the spare keys, but you still have a single functional key, and you are in need of a spare key for emergencies you can hire the popular key cutter in your state. This way, you will be able to save money and time. High street key cutters will charge you about $70, but this cost does not include remote locking. This option will save you up to $130 as compared to dealership price. s

Some people prefer online locksmiths due to the fact that they are reliable and less costly. In addition, most locksmith offer high quality services.

Purchase a New Set

This is the most costly option. It is worth noting that buying a new set is a simple and easy alternative. You can order a car key from car dealer, who will charge you $200 or more depending on the car model. In order to trigger the alarms and remote control locking, you need to carry out coding and programming. When buying a car key, it is essential to visit different locations since prices may vary from one location to the other. It will take between 5 to 10 days to pick a replacement. In some instances, it can take more than 10 days depending on the dealer or car model.

Claim Key On Insurance Policy

There is a key cover offered by a number of contractors such as Keycare and more. This option is not only effective, but also straightforward. With this cover, you can replace your vehicle key without paying a coin.

You Can Claim Car Insurance

When your car key is stolen or lost, you can claim for the replacement fee on your vehicle policy. There are some insurance companies that provide unlimited key cover while others can pay up to $750 if the keys are stolen or lost. On the other hand, some other insurers will only cover for lost or stolen keys. It is up to you to choose the insurer that suit your needs and budget.

If you have lost your vehicle keys, you can call a locksmith or your insurance company to help you solve the situation. Make sure that the locksmith has vast knowledge in replacing vehicle keys and is able to program the new keys to fit your vehicle locking system. Apart from hiring an experienced car lock expert, you can also get a new key from the dealer.