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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Home Security |

5 Ways You Can Make Your Home Safe From Intruders

5 Ways You Can Make Your Home Safe From Intruders

Your home is your castle. Whether you’re away from home or at home, you expect that your valuable possessions will remain safe. However, current statistics indicate that the rate at which burglary happens makes it one of the most common crimes across the globe. Nonetheless, you can completely secure your home by making it difficult for home intruders or burglars to break in. Making it hard for them to break in will stifle their efforts no matter how hard they try. Consequently, this will save you so much headache and heartache of having to lose your valuables and end up looking for money to purchase new items. Below are 5 ways you can make your home safe from intruders with the help of

Always Lock Your Doors and Windows

locked windowsThis is the most basic preventive measure of them all. Always ensure that your doors and windows are well closed before leaving home. Most people with back doors fail to lock them, making it easy for home burglars to walk in. If you live in a storey building, ensure your ground and first-floor windows are closed. Never assume that your neighborhood is safe to warrant staying indoors all night or going for a leisure walk without locking your doors and windows.

Install Strong Locks

While locking your doors and windows is a good step, installing strong locks will help deter more persistent home burglars by making it hard for them to break in. Always keep in mind that burglars look for easy access because they do not have enough time to try breaking through. Use solid core or metal doors secured with high quality deadbolt locks. When purchasing a door lock, look for the one with an ANSI grade 1 rating. Additionally, the deadbolt locks ought to have a horizontal bolt at least 1 inch long. Shorter bolts make it easy for a burglar to use tools to spread the door frame and easily open the door. You should also consider using locks with internal anti-saw pin because this makes it hard for a burglar to saw through the bolt using a hacksaw. Having locks with anti-drill features that use hardened steel chips inside the lock is an extra protection that will destroy a drill bit if a burglar attempts to drill through the lock.

Install a Home Security Alarm System

home alarm systemHaving a home security alarm system reduces the chances of a burglar breaking into your home. Choose a home security system that primarily uses motion detectors and arms all doors and windows that could provide access to burglars. Additionally, consider using glass-break sensors that automatically set off the alarm at the sound of a glass door or window panel being broken. There are also some sensors that detect sudden shock waves, hence setting off the alarm in case someone is trying to kick open the door. You should also keep your pass code private rather than posting it on your home security alarm key pad. Last but not least, ensure you use the window decals and yard sign that say your house is under the protection of home security alarm system. Always make regular checks to ensure the sign is still there and is visible. Sometimes if can be covered up by shrubs.

Don’t Make It Easy to Hide

A burglar will find it easy to get into a house where the chance of being seen is almost zero. Do not provide a burglar with any sort of cover or hiding place. Burglars can hide behind shrubs and trees. Therefore, make sure to trim the shrubs and trees or remove any shrubbery next to your windows and doors. If you like using plants next to your house, it is advisable to use thorny plants such as roses or holly. Secondly, ensure the outside of your house is illuminated with outdoor security lighting. Always illuminate the main entrance with at least two bulbs, just in case one of the bulbs burns out. Additionally, you should use exterior lighting fitted with motion detectors. This means a burglar will be scared if the lights are activated by motion especially when trying to come closer to your house. Lastly, the back and side of your home can offer some concealment for an intruder. Therefore, secure all the back entrances just like you do with the main entrance.

Don’t Advertise You’re Away

Avoid telling all and sundry that you are away from home. Always make your home look occupied to put off burglars. You can use automatic light timers and set them to turn on and off in a manner simulating your normal patterns. Ensure the light timers have battery backups just in case there is a power failure. Such timers will make a burglar think that someone is in the house. You can also use the same timers to turn on and off TVs and radios. Additionally, you should consider using timed automatic drape openers because drapes that are always open or closed suggest no one is home. You can also arrange to have your lawn mowed in case you will be away from home for quite a while. This makes your compound look neat, an indication that someone is around. Additionally, do not stop your newspaper and mail deliveries, but instead ask your neighbor to pick them up for you while you are away. Seeing daily deliveries being made will automatically make an intruder think someone is around.