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15 Ways To Safeguard A Commercial Property

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Home Security |

Whether unintentional or deliberate, vandalism can undermine the image of your company. While there is no building that is immune to destruction, you can take precautions to effectively reduce the risks so that you can protect your assets. Disaster strikes without notice; its therefore important to take safety precautions at all times. Listed below are numerous Ways to Safeguard a Commercial Property brought to us by Lakeoswego Locksmith Pros.

  1. Padlocks and locks

padlock2Ensure that you lock all inside security doors and outside entrances. Double cylinder deadbolts that have removable collars are the safest. The deadbolt must contain at least contain hardened steel inserts. The inserts must be protected by latch guards. The padlocks must be made of hardened steels. The hardened steels must be mounted on the bolted hasps and must be locked to prevent any exchange. The serial numbers must be hidden to prevent the new keys from getting duplicated

  1. Doors

All security and outside doors must be constructed solidly. They must be lined using metal apart from having heavy metal crossbars. The jambs at the doors must also be solid. All the exposed hinges must be pinned so that they cannot be removed easily

  1. Windows

Window locksThe windows must have secure locks. The glass must be subjected to burglar –resistant treatments. For further security, you can install a polyester security film. This film must however be accompanied by glass break sensor alarms. Heavy metal grates should be used on windows that are highly vulnerable like rear windows. Check from the fire code inspector in your area for safety requirements

  1. Lights

Lights must offer optimum visibility both outside and inside. The outside lights must have a vandal-proof cover over light sources. The entire perimeter must have enough light especially at the doors, windows and other possible entry points

  1. The alarm system

The alarm system must be installed and supplied by an alarm company that is licensed. The alarm system company must have a monitoring station that is centralized. Check at the alarm system on a daily basis to ensure that it’s properly functioning. For a better and smart self defense tactic, advertise the presence of the alarm system with the sticker of the company or a yard sign to deter break-ins in future

  1. Cash register

The cash register must be kept in a visible position from out of the building . It must be left open whenever it’s empty or not in use so that it can be monitored easily

  1. Strongbox/safe

The safe or the strongbox must be burglar-resistant and fireproof. It must be securely anchored apart from being visible. Always leave it open whenever it’s empty and lock in valuables whenever you are closing the business. Change the combinations anytime you release or sack an employee who has details regarding the safe or the strongbox.

  1. Building exterior

The building exterior must be thoroughly checked including the walls, basement and roof. Secure all the openings. Maintain a good visibility by disallowing landscaping, vehicle equipments, cans, trash bins and boxes near the building. Their presence may assist in offering access to the rooftop.

  1. Installation of Perimeter fences

home fencesThe perimeter fences must be high enough so that intruders do not have an easy time accessing the premises. Although perimeter fences must be adequate enough, they must be visible by both the police and the neighbors. A good fence must be vertically erected with 0.3cm vinyl-coated chain links or vertical iron bars

  1. ID numbers and key controls

The keys must be given out responsibly. Master key systems are convenient but are not perfect for security. Code all the keys and keep them secure whenever they are not being used. Lock those keys somewhere safe and avoid leaving them lying around. Do not allow your employees to make duplicates. Change the locks whenever you are suspicious that one of your keys has been duplicated or tampered with. Marking equipments that contains ID numbers must be displayed openly as evidence to the would-be thieves. Keeping record of all the serial numbers on all equipments may be helpful in recovery.

  1. Use of CCTV

Installing CCTV looks expensive but it’s worthy in the long run. They can assist in preventing break-ins in the following ways. They deter the would-be-robbers and also increase the chances of getting the culprits incase of break-ins

  1. Use of Anti-climb fencing

If the business is sizable and requires a wall or a fence around perimeter, you can consider installing an anti-climb system. It is extremely effective in thwarting intruders. This will ensure that you do not have to lose your sleep. It also prevents an injured intruder from taking any legal redress against you in a court of law

  1. Using Key card access systems

Security at the workplaces is paramount as it helps in making both the customers and employees feel safe on a daily basis. Implementing key card assess systems on the exterior doors is a good way of ensuring that authorized personnel and employees can access the premises. This can also work perfectly with the use of simple key pad codes. The code should be strictly distributed to the personnel and the employees

You must never wait until you have a break-in or something major happens. Act now so that you can protect your investment

  1. Taking an Insurance cover

Do a research and find the best insurance company that can protect your commercial property from crimes and disasters. Get quotes from several companies and compare the rates. Take time to understand the fine prints and the exact details of the insurance agreement. Most insurance companies have hidden clause that changes meanings of coverage policies. If you are doubtful, you can seek the services of a professional who will assist you in looking over the paperwork. This will ensure that you make a decision from an informed position

  1. Risk assessment

Do an investigation and make an evaluation on where you mostly need assistance. You may realize that the commercial property is located in a crime prone area. Here you may be required to take down the old roof and put a new one. These are the items that are mostly overlooked. Assessments are costly but this can save you the losses that you would have accrued from break-ins.

You can Google Ways To Safeguard A Commercial Property for further information.

Ways To Make Moving Much Easier

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Locks And Keys |

No matter where you’re going, moving is a hassle. It is time-consuming and laborious. It can also be expensive. However, you can minimize the stress and cost of moving through adequate planning. Here are useful ways to make moving much easier.

Make Adequate Preparations

Rushing a move is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you start your preparations about one month in advance. Within this time, schedule your movers, get your building’s certificate of insurance and change your address. You could also reserve one freight elevator for smooth movement during the material day. You should also stop shopping for groceries about two weeks before your relocation date.

Pre-clean Your New Home’s Bathroom and Kitchen

Clean kitchenYour moving day will be hectic. You will arrive fatigued and in need of a hot shower. Ensure that your new bathroom and kitchen are clean. You should also stock the bathroom with new towels and essential toiletries in advance.

Purge Before You Pack

The more stuff you have, the harder your move will be. Go through your things and make a decision to get rid of what you no longer use or need. If you’re tempted to pack everything, look at moving as your chance to get rid of all the clutter you’ve accumulated. Avoid being sentimental with your possessions. Be ruthless.

Apart from clothes you may not have worn in a year, there could be many other home appliances you don’t need.
You could sell the junk or donate it. If you are selling your stuff, start selling about six weeks before moving. As for what you shall donate, you can arrange for a charity organization to come for the things at least a week before you move. As for food and alcohol, you can treat the people who will be helping you move.

Enough Packing Materials

Packing materialGet enough packing boxes well in advance. You can buy boxes from the moving company that will assist you to relocate. Go for second-hand boxes and save money. You can also cut down on boxes by utilizing your baskets, hampers, laundry bins, and suitcases. As for books, beer boxes and wheeled bags are excellent. However, confirm with the prospective mover, whether they accept items not packed in boxes.

Pack and Save

Start packing early. Put the things you will require first in a transparent plastic bin. Such items include phone chargers, toilet paper, box cutter, tools, eating utensils and paper towels.
Remember to pack a carry-on overnight bag with all your essentials. You will have easy access to the items even when you are too tired to begin unpacking. Things to include are changing clothes, toiletries, and your laptop.
Other packing tips include:
Make sure to label the sides of your boxes indicating what is in each box and what room the box is going to.
Remember to number the boxes.
Wrap the breakables in clothing.
Put an extra cotton ball or pad into powder cosmetics to prevent breakages.
Pack your plates vertically to avoid breaking.
Use a simple labeling system.

Know the Items Not to Pack

You should avoid packing and moving certain items together with the other possessions. Gather your treasures and valuable papers in a fireproof lock box. Such items include money, jewelry, securities, birth certificates and passports. On the relocation day, carry the box in your car or put the valuables in a carry-on bag.
You should also not pack flammables and explosives together with other luggage. Consult on how to dispose of any flammables before you move. As for explosives consult your local police department and never leave them unattended.

Find a Good Mover

MoversThe service you get from the moving company will determine your relocation experience. Do your homework and find a reputable but affordable mover. You can begin your search online. You can also ask your friends and family members to recommend a good company.
Before you settle on a moving company, ask for referrals and bids. Compare the promised services, prices and reviews. As you look for a mover, remember to provide accurate information about all possessions to be moved, and details about your neighborhood. When you give all needed information up front, you will increase your chance of getting a cheaper and faster move.

About prices, moving companies have different pricing guides. Some charge by volume and others by weight. Choose the company that suits your situation. Similarly, unless you’re moving within the same building, ask for a flat rate. With a flat rate, you will not be slapped with extra charges if things don’t go as planned. Hourly rates are unpredictable, and unforeseen traffic jams and broken elevators can lead to exorbitant fees.

The prices may also go higher if the movers assemble and disassemble your furniture. If you are looking for ways to cut down your moving budget, disassemble the furniture before the movers arrive. You can also save by timing your move accordingly. Schedule with the movers about a month in advance and book for a time, day and season when fewer people are moving.
Although movers have insurance, it’s advisable to get additional insurance for your most valuable items.

Organize the Cords and Electronics

Label the cords according to their devices. If the devices have multiple wires, you can use colored stickers to identify each wire and its respective hole. Alternatively, take a photo of how the electronics are connected. You will save yourself the headache of trying to figure out where all the wires go. Put the cables in a sandwich bag and tape the bag at the back of the particular device.

Have Someone Take Care of Children and Pets

Children and pets can get confused during the hassle of moving. They can delay you or the movers significantly. Get someone to babysit them during the whole operation.

Decide in Advance How You Want to Arrange Your Furniture

Make decisions on how to arrange your new home ahead of moving time. You will save a lot of unpacking time. You will change the arrangements later when you settle.

Settle In

Take your time to unpack. Open the box with your essentials first and don’t stress about the rest. If you have your toothbrush, pajamas, and ready bed, everything else can wait.

Some Great Solutions For Home Security

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Home Security |

Protecting your family and your home from those wishing to break in, violate your security, and steel your belongings is one of the most important jobs you will ever have. No one understands this better than someone who places great value on their family. However, although there is no doubt to the importance of home security, too many people ignore this aspect of personal safety. If you wish to be like many other wise homeowners wanting to upgrade their home’s security, consider embracing home security solutions. Below are some great solutions for home security with help from the guys over at

Concealing Valuables

concealing valuablesEveryone has at least one valuable in their home that means a great deal to them, such as a painting or an exquisite bauble. Wherever your valuables may be located, it is best to keep them far away from windows and doors where they can easily be seen from the outside of your house. This is one of the more simple home security tips. And all valuable items in your home should be documented for insurance purposes.

Be aware of your surroundings

While you shouldn’t always walk around fearing that someone is going to attack you or your house, you should try to be conscious of activities or people who seem suspicious. You should be able to incorporate a healthy sense of caution into your life without developing anxiety or unhealthy fears. Look around before you unlock the doors to your home or car to make sure no one is acting suspiciously around you because criminals sometimes try to overpower people who are unlocking doors in order to get inside. If you feel worried, call the police.

Lock all the doors properly

Although it sounds common sense, you should always lock your doors. People sometimes forget to lock their doors, especially if they’re in a hurry, but that creates a serious home security risk. Most criminals will try to enter through doors on the outside of your house, and if those doors are unlocked, it makes it much easier for them to get inside. It’s also important to make sure you leave your windows locked because those are also accessible entry points that criminals commonly target.

Develop a sense of Vigilance in your neighborhood

Meet with your neighbors so you can build a sense of community with one another. As you get to know each other, you’ll feel a greater sense of responsibility for one another, and you’ll watch after each other’s home security much more than you would if you were strangers. Additionally, you may want to think about starting a neighborhood watch program with many of the residents in your area.

Caution over a privacy fence

Security fenceSecurity fences can essentially provide a secure chance for a thief to manouver his way into your household. Once the thief is inside the fence perimeter, he can work on entry to your house without being noticed by neighbors or persons passing by. Install a sensor with controlled security lights outside inside the fenced region. If there is a gate to the fenced in the area be sure if has a secure locking mechanism.

Regulate telephone ring times

Limit your telephone answering machine to no more than five rings. A telephone that rings for a long period of time typically indicates that a home is empty. Also, don’t say on your outgoing message that you are going to be away on vacation. You might as well just put a “rob me” sign on your home if you do that.

Cancel home delivery services when you are away

Have any and all regular deliveries to your home, such as newspapers or mail, canceled. Notify each and every service, given that they will be used to vacation requests. The only exception is in the case that you have someone that will reliably pick these items up each day.

Install security alarm system

alarmDon’t forget to arm your home security system. Private security professionals can visit your home to determine what kind of alarm will best secure your property and what kind of alarm options you should spring for. These professionals can also install the alarm correctly, so you don’t have to worry about hooking it up if you aren’t technologically inclined.

Install adequate lighting

well lit home1Always try to turn several lights on both outsides and inside your house at night. If your house is unlit, then that makes it much easier for criminals to sneak up on your property without being seen. Good lighting can help you and your neighbors spot any potential criminals that may be outside of your house. Moreover, many criminals will avoid houses that are well-lit because they don’t want to be seen, and because they’ll be worried that you’re at home. Keep your home security high with good lighting, and if you aren’t home to turn your lights on, you can rely on a timer to do it for you.

Keeping your keys safe

The last on of the home security tips you should be aware of involves keys. Try your best to keep careful track of your keyholder, and you should never write your home address on it. Although a keyholder with an address will be easier to return to the owner who lost it, it can also give a burglar the perfect opportunity to steal from you. If you do lose your keyholder and it contains your house key, your best bet is to spend extra money on having your house locks replaced.

Other security measures

Routines are key to protecting your home from thieves. So each and every night before you go to bed or leave your house, check every window and door and turn on your alarm system. If someone calls your home asking for personal information, but you do not know them, never reveal any sensitive information. Also, refrain from posting your address in a classified ad.


You should know that does not only ideal home security solutions involve crime prevention and detection but also environmental hazards such as carbon monoxide and fire. You should integrate a security system that encompasses all those issues. Ensure that the devices that you install cater for smoke and carbon detection. By establishing the right security measure at your home, you will enjoy the twenty-four-hour protection of your property.

How To Find Good Locksmiths

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Locksmith Information |

Many people fail to realize the importance of having a locksmith. Instead, they rush to hire a locksmith when an emergency strikes. For instance when they suddenly get locked out of their warm cozy homes or luxurious cars then the need for a good locksmith becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, locksmiths hired in a haste rarely deliver quality work. As such, it is important to get acquainted to a good locksmith way before even you require their services. Below are tips on how to find good locksmiths.
Fountain Hills Locksmith Pros

Search and research locally

local locksmithsA good locksmith is one who is close to you. Firstly, use the internet since many locksmiths run their own websites nowadays. However, when searching the internet be sure to browse using your location so that you get local locksmiths. You can easily verify the information you find on their websites by physically visiting their offices.

Get referrals

This is a great tip for newbies trying to find locksmiths for the first time. Ask your friends, family or colleagues to recommend to you some of the most trusted locksmiths in your area. Personal recommendations are always more reliable than online listings.

Check the reputation and level of experience

A good reputation sells while a bad one only kills business. Read online reviews to find out what previous clients are saying about a particular locksmith. You can even request a contact list of some of their clients and then call them personally. It is also important to know how long a given locksmith has been in business. This is because experienced locksmiths tend to know a lot and always offer working solutions.

Check for the necessary accreditations

CredentialsLocksmiths are rarely licensed by the government. This therefore leaves the field open to incompetent persons without any locksmith background. The best thing to do would be to confirm whether they are accredited by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). This will imply that the particular locksmith has passed all the necessary tests. Locksmiths are required to take courses in mechanical drawing, mathematics, metalwork, physics, business as well as English. A good locksmith must also undergo on job training in locksmithing schools, and locksmith associations. As such for a locksmith company to be accredited by ALOA it must have been inspected, vetted, and has professional staff.

Check for proof of identity

Identification is necessary to prove that the locksmith is actually accredited. Things that count as proof of identity include a business card, an invoice with the company’s name, a uniform and a marked car. The car should have a name that conforms to the company name as well as corporate color. The locksmith should also ask for your identity as the property owner. A professional locksmith should not be in a hurry to complete the task without first confirming that you actually own the property.

Check for insurance

Genuine and reputable locksmiths should also carry insurance. They should have an insurance that covers for workers liability and compensation. It is important that you find out from the insurance company if that cover is active and working. The insurance will help protect you in case any damages or injuries occur on your property when the locksmith is at work. Insured locksmiths also guarantee you long term safety of your property. This is because at times faulty work can lead to losses. The insurance will help pay up incase such a thing happens.

Find out the types of services offered

Some locksmiths tend to specialize in a given field while others just perform multipurpose jobs. For example, auto locksmiths focus on problems associated with vehicle door locks. Some of the services offered by locksmiths include installation, modification, service, replace and repair of different types of locks and accessories. Some locksmiths may specialize in a number of the mentioned services while others can perform all of them. Confirm from the locksmith the type of services that are offered before you hire.

Discuss matters of payments upfront

Budgeting is important for each and everything you intend to do. It is important that you know how much the locksmith will be charging for various services. This is because some locksmiths may take advantage of your ignorance and charge you exorbitantly. Locksmiths charge their fees based on various factors. These include the type of service done, how urgent it was as well as the type and quality of materials used. For example simple tasks such as opening a car or replacing a key will cost less compared to things like re-keying or replacing locks. Services that deal with installation and maintenance of security systems are even more expensive. Also ensure the company does not have any hidden charges as far as the services offered are concerned.

Find a reliable locksmith

handshakeThe essence of having a locksmith beforehand is to help you avoid the hassle that comes with emergency situations. Before settling on one locksmith, ensure there are reliable and will not let you down when you are most in need. Their customer service has to be top notch. Whenever you call try and gauge how phones are answered and even how promptly emails are responded sure that your locksmith will come aid even if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere at night.

Scrutinize, verify and sign a receipt

A written receipt is the only thing that binds and guards your relationship with a locksmith. With it you can claim for damages and prove that you actually used that particular company. The name of the company, labor cost, parts, and mileage as well as service call charges should be clearly indicated. The receipt must also include manufacturers’ as well as service warranties.


There are certain times when hiring a trustworthy and skilled locksmith proves invaluable. Note that, locksmiths not only deal with locks and keys but also other matters related to security. Once you know how to find good locksmiths, focus on the service you need. Also remember to be on guard when the locksmith arrives so you can check the credentials and other stuff. Having a locksmith that you trust can greatly give you peace of mind. For example when your locks are not working and you are away, a trusted service man can always access your property.

Does it make sense to have two locks on the door?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Home Security, Locks And Keys |

From a security point of view, two locks can be more helpful than one, although it is advisable to begin by selecting a security-rated model that comes with increased security. In deed, some insurance companies insist that you should look for a security-rated model before insuring the house. It is not enough to have two security-rated locks without making sure that they are properly installed. Thanks to Phoenix Locksmith Pros In Phoenix Arizona for the information.




locked outWhen it comes to the convenience of using your house, having two locks can be tricky, especially if you have the type where a lock is in the knob. In this case you just need to close the door and it automatically locks without need for using a key. It means you can easily lock yourself out by pushing the door behind you or let’s just say due to winds, and when that happens, it is more difficult to deal with two locks instead of one. Whether you have to break in yourself or call a professional key cutter, it means double efforts and double costs.


In addition, knobsets are hard to work with when there are kids around because it is even easier to lock themselves out.


Due to the ease of locking oneself out with the above system, installing a deadbolt can be a better alternative. With a deadbolt, you require a key on hand to lock the door, thus it is more difficult to lock yourself out. Some also see installing a single deadbolt as a more secure alternative than having a lock because the former penetrates way deeper into the door and is firm. A key-in-knob lockset is screwed onto the door. It is easy to remove these screws and hence a deadknob does a better job. However, a key-in-knob is easier and quicker to deal with than a deadbolt in case you lose the key. Dealing with a deadbolt may come with additional damages on the door if not properly done.


Level of security in the area


People also react to the situation depending on how secure the area is. For instance, in an area of very low security, two locks are advisable. Others use a key-in-knob lockset and a deadbolt. You could also chose a deadbolt that has removable thumbturns so that it is more difficult for thieves to open the door even if they break in through the window. Again, it makes it hard for them to carry away bulk items from the house since they will still need to get out through the window. Doors on houses with window sidelites are easier to break because buglers simply break sidelites and easily unlock the door.


Revisiting the issue of costs, many people choose to have two locks only on the outermost door instead of having it on every door in the house. However, when it comes to sincere security, you might need to have someone look out for the house if the neighborhood isn’t secure at all. Again, if there is someone or a trusted neighbor or someone watching your property, then having slightly less secure option is worth. For instance, you can have a single lock instead of two.


Door stability


front doorThe other reason you might consider a second lock has to do with stability of the door. Thieves do not actually have to destroy the lock: they can choose to break in by hitting it open. If you have a single point lock on a door, it allows to twist from the top or bottom ends. Even if there are no thieves involved, these twists can occur when the door is exposed to other forces – for instance kids playing with the door. The twists increase the chances of having the door lock failing prematurely. The problem worsens with UPVC and composite doors. You will need to spend more money on replacements in the long run. This problem is tackled by having multipoint locks. The brutal attack force is distributed evenly around the whole door and frame, making it hard to break in.


You can install more locks on a wooden door to achieve the same advantage. Fitting two door locks can be easier if the door is composite or UPVC type. One can be installed on the lower half and the other on the upper half. A recommendation is to install a two deadlocks this way and then have a rim lock at the center. You can also use only a night latch in the middle.


Ease of replacement and repair


Locks, like any other door part, are susceptible to breakage and malfunctioning. It can be very inconvenient when it happens: for instance consider the lock of the outerdoor or gate breaks or malfuntions at night. Hence having two locks can be helpful in that you will still secure your house and home with one of them in case the other one breaks.


Other precautionary measures that can help with installation of two key-in-locks include ensuring that you use 6″ screws to attach it to the door instead of using screws of shortest size. Continued maintenance of the locks also helps in this regard. For instance, rekeying the lock is a cost effective mechanism that will see them perform their role optimally without the need to replace them.




When installing deadbolts, it is also advisable to check the regulations in your area. In some cases, installing double cylinder deadbolts where you can use a key on both sides to open the door, is restricted. This is because these types of locks make it hard for people to flee the house in case of an emergency, say fire. This is a usual practice in rental properties. However, it is fine to use them on private property in many cases.



The bottomline is that whether or not you want to install an additional lock depends on your needs. Consider how secure the surrounding is and if or not you have someone watching the house. If the security is tight, you might want to include other needs such as how convenient it sounds to you to work with two door locks.

What Is A Master Key and When Do You Need One?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Home Security |

Master key is the key that opens all the locks of your property that is under the master key system. It comes handy in situations when you want to gain access to many rooms at the same time and these master keys might vary depending on the level of the system. It is very important that you know what is a master key and when do you need one?


Master Key systemA master key system comprises of hierarchy of keys along with a number of locks/cylinders that allow different individual or group key holders to gain access to specially designated or all area of the buildings or building. There is a master keyed lock that can be installed in your property for enhanced safety and security as these locks are especially designed for opening by individual keys but it can also be opened with the use of a master key. A master key system can be very beneficial for your home or business premise since each lock in the locking system can be opened with the master key. But each lock will have its individual key and the key will open that particular door only. Even though locks come in different shapes and size which are available in innovative design variations, the master key can be used for opening all the locks that comes under this system. There are different instances when you will need a master key but most importantly, you will need a master key for gaining access to the different units of your buildings or building with the same key. It plays a very crucial role in case of an emergency like a fire outbreak because it is the time when the master key is of utmost important. With this key, you can access any room of the building in any unfortunate event, plumbing mishap or electrical accidents. As a business owner, possessing a master key system allows to have better control over your property. You can also give managerial role to various people in your organization where you can give the master key to the store manager while you can give the sub keys to the other people down in the hierarchy. This will enable them to have access to the different rooms in your business premises without compromising on the safety and security of your business.


Master KeyThere are a large number of reasons of using a master key system but the most important reason is controlling access to your property. You can also allow appropriate people to access the defined parts of the building according to your requirements. A master key system is also known as restricted system make use of the security key blanks that are the specifically designed keys that can only be copied or obtained from a reliable and experienced locksmith business that has designed this system. These keys are only made by the locksmith after authorization from building owner or his/her nominee. These kinds of locks are more secure as restricted key-way can reduce the chance of accidental opening of the lock with wrong key. The master key system includes restricted key blanks that are patent protected or design registered and hence the key manufacturers does not have permission for producing copies of the design of these keys.With the help of master key you can have access to more than one room or a large number of rooms with just one key under this system. Hence master key system can also be considered as a dynamic entity that can easily adapt to the changing requirements of your business. Under this system, you can also have accurate record of the keys as well as the people who has these keys since maintaining and keeping the record is very simple. You can also eliminate the possibility of the duplicate keys that might be made without authorization. The master key system can protect your property from unrestricted entry and it will provide you with much higher security and safety. It is also a favorable option in case of an emergency as you will have the key to your property that will open many locks with the same key and hence you can have complete peace of mind regarding the safety and security of your property.